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Heart Health Video

There is an old saying that An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away.  So, what do you do to help your heart?  Find out the formula from Dr. Diane Krieger. Heart Health Video

The Soft American by John F. Kennedy

Click to read the article > The Soft American by John F. Kennedy

New Paragon Video!! Hip Hinge Action

Check out our first video!! [youtube][/youtube]

Stand Up for Your Right to Stand Up

Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Check Out This New Foot Levelers Video! Whether you suffer from aching feet, are an athlete looking to pick up some extra stamina or if you’re just interested in taking a look at the condition of your feet call us up at 602-230-9292 to schedule a … Continue reading

Colds and Exercise

Different levels of exercise can significantly increase or decrease your chances of catching a cold. If you tend to be a couch potato, then you will catch 2-3 colds per year, on average. Regular moderate exercise can reduce the risk … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day is Fast Approaching

Stop by the office this week and don’t forget your address book! Our Free Valentine Station lets YOU gift your friends and loved ones either a FREE chair massage or a FREE chiropractic exam. This year, Valentine’s Day is handled … Continue reading

Inflammatory Links Take a few minutes to read this solid article by Mark Sisson. We here at Paragon can help with many of the causes of inflammation; smoking, social stresses, etc.

Change Variables to Keep the Body Adaptable Another banger from Gray here. Easy read with some great concepts. Here’s the link to the Rocky clip that doesn’t work within the article…

Second Guessing Your Visit?

How Do MD’s View Chiropractic? In the mid 1980’s, a political event spurred a change regarding the medical community’s outward disrespect of chiropractors when the AMA (American Medical Association) was sued for anti-trust violations and the chiropractors won! For the … Continue reading