Is Chiropractic for Me?

Is Chiropractic for Me? 2017-08-16T01:00:53+00:00

When a person isn’t feeling well, it can be a very stressful time. Stress that is compounded not only by being ill, but by the mystery of wondering what’s wrong, is it serious, can it be fixed and wondering if and when you will start to feel better, and be able to get back to your life. If this wasn’t enough, the person is also placed in the uncomfortable position of admitting that he doesn’t know, that he can’t do for himself, and turning the “controls” of himself over to a stranger. Usually it’s not until some or all of these questions are answered that the person will know if he is even seeing the right doctor.

So, would chiropractic be right for you?

It really all depends upon where you are starting from in the healing process “quest”.

Every healing art has a “line” so to speak and as long as your particular health situation hasn’t crossed over that line, a particular type of health care practitioner and practice should be able to help. For example, if you eat right and exercise you should be able to reduce your risks of a heart attack, but if you are standing there having the “gripper”, a few broccoli florets and a couple of jumping jacks won’t work- you need an Emergency Room. You have crossed over the line.

Chiropractic care and other non-medical practices are often called alternative or non-traditional. These descriptions are not completely accurate and presume that the traditional way is the right way to go, and anything else is questionable, and should be put in the “other” category.

In fact, medical research has found that spinal manipulation is the treatment of choice for treating acute low back pain and muscle tension headaches.

In these cases, anything outside of spinal manipulation, such as pills and surgery could be considered “alternative”. This is not to say that the condition can’t deteriorate to the point where medical care is the only option, but right up until it crosses over the line, alternative care isn’t so alternative.

Preventative Care

It is my opinion that the medical profession is best at handling life-threatening crises-quite simply, if you have crossed over the line, Medical Doctors save lives. As a matter of fact, a recent study has shown that the number of people dying from heart attacks and strokes is on the decline. This is a testament to the level of skill and technology found in medicine; but, and there always is that “but”, the number of people suffering from heart attacks and strokes is on the rise. So more people are having heart attacks and strokes, but fewer of them are dying. Does this mean heart attacks and strokes are no longer serious, life threatening conditions? Not by a long shot.

Chiropractic and other “non-traditional” practices that focus on prevention are ideal at handling non-life threatening, quality of life health concerns BEFORE they become so. If a person used chiropractic care to mobilize and restore proper function to the spine, did exercises that helped promote living, dynamic body motions, and used proper lifting mechanics that engaged the hips and glutes, he would dramatically reduce the risk of spinal injury, and degenerative changes that might require surgery one day. And should a person not do these things and injure himself anyway, as long as he has not “crossed over” that line, chiropractic care can relieve pain and restore a normal and natural function to the overall body mechanics. Again, and as was stated earlier, the primary objective of any treatment program is to convince the person to stop harming themselves. Some times you can, and some times you can’t.

Are you right for Chiropractic?

So is chiropractic for you? The better question is, are you right for chiropractic? Some people just need to cross over that line and then do something about the emergency. For those people, chiropractic might not be the best option, and depending upon the nature of the emergency, chiropractic might not be an option at all.

But for all others, Paragon Chiropractic offers an opportunity to learn and make an investment into your own life, your own health and wellness, and your own future. There is no one way, and it will be a life time endeavor to keep putting quality and enjoyment into the time you have here on this planet. We would love to be a part of your adventure!