MyAct for Pain Relief and Increased Range of Motion

MyAct machine is used for Pain Relief and Increased Range of MotionMyAct has been in use now for a couple decades.  It’s mostly seen in sports doctors and chiropractic offices.  It’s an alternative treatment that has been receiving surprisingly rave results.

MyAct is an acronym for “Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy”.  Myofascial means the connective tissue that supports or binds together internal organs or parts of the body.  Acoustic in this instance means the science of sound as sound waves are used to heal and provide great, lasting pain relief.


The MyAct Machine is used for:
Sports and athletic injuries
Acute, chronic pain in shoulders, knees, hips, low back, etc.
Soft tissue injuries
Torn ligaments
Stress injuries
Trigger points
Occupational injuries
…and much more

MyAct Machine in use at Paragon Chiropractic The short duration acoustic sound waves create a vibration much faster than the speed of sound.  The principle is to irritate the injured area in order to get the body to respond by sending more blood, immune system response, and anti-inflammatory balance to the area to enable faster and stronger healing.  The soft tissue treatment results are exceptional.  Patients have noticed an immediate reduction in pain along with an increased range of motion to the affected tissues and joints.  Not only is there an immediate reduction of pain but the results from the therapy are long lasting.

MyAct is an alternative treatment that has been receiving surprisingly rave results.




Here’s what are patients are saying about MyAct:

“After three treatments with the MyAct machine, my left arm is feeling normal and fully functional again!

I felt an improvement after the first treatment. Each session made a huge functional difference.

Originally, my left arm was causing tremendous pain in Delt area. Reaching my right shoulder was extremely painful and quickly becoming more painful.

With Austin treating me with the MyAct machine, I thankfully have fully recovered.”