Are You Experiencing Pain Now?

Are You Experiencing Pain Now? 2017-08-16T22:10:25+00:00

If you are currently experiencing pain it is important to gain some understanding of the source of that pain and what is causing it.  It is my opinion that if you are unable to determine what is causing your pain, and cannot take appropriate remedial steps, then it would be advisable to seek some form of medical attention as soon as possible.

The menu to the left outlines pain syndromes due to non-specific, musculo-skeletal sources, and not direct traumatic events  such as motor vehicle accidents or falls, or serious medical conditions. These most certainly would warrant investigation, and you should seek medical advise.

Paragon Chiropractic is not a medical emergency facility, but if we are available during normal business hours, we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have, or provide examination and/or referral to the appropriate health care practitioner.