Spine Sparing Strategies

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Spine Sparing Strategies are exactly that- ideas or strategies that help a person reduce the stress and strain placed upon his spine during typical activities of daily living.

This would include ways to modify sitting, standing, walking, lifting- any of those motions associated with daily living that could potentially harm a person.

There is a difference between avoiding that which harms, and simply trying to avoid pain. Many people believe that hurt equals harm, and as such limit their activity which eventually results in de-conditioning, and over time chronic pain. Ironically, the chronic pain leads to more inactivity and so the cycle goes.

Spine Sparing Strategies focus more upon proper mechanics and ergonomics associated with daily motion and activity. A person wants to avoid improper mechanics and body postures, but not activity- hence the importance of Spine Sparing Strategies- to remain active in a way that reduces harm and potential injury.

Key to most Spine Sparing Strategies is proper mechanics and body postures during work and other daily activities. As will be seen, key to proper mechanics and body postures is maintaining a neutral posture in the lumbar spine. That is to say, that posture that limits bent over, forward flexion.

Rather than write pages of boring text, it would be easier to show a number of video presentations detailing the key points to keep in mind while sitting, standing, walking, and lifting. Click on to any item from the menu below.

For members of the Paragon Club, you can also print copies of Hand Outs available at our office.

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