Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic Exercises 2017-08-16T23:51:20+00:00

In most cases, a few chiropractic adjustments and some simple postural or mechanical modifications does the trick; a person’s pain goes away, and he is able to resume his typical activities of daily living without any residual difficulties.

These patients went from “can’t to can” and will continue to do well.

Sometimes, even though the patient is much better from chiropractic care, he can still experience certain activity intolerances- meaning he feels fine until is he tries to lift, or sleep on his side, or stand too long and then his pain comes back again. This doesn’t mean that chiropractic care didn’t work, or that he needs to keep getting chiropractic adjustments, but it does show that as far as the body’s normal mechanics are concerned, something is not working the way Mother Nature intended, and as a result the patient simply can not tolerate certain typical activities of daily living.

Where this is the case, patients are put through a series of (Functional Movement Screens)  to determine what is not functioning correctly and whether it is due to immobility, instability or strength problems.

Once the problem has been discovered the patient is recommended a series of Therapeutic  Exercises meant to restore a more balanced function and allow the patient to resume his typical daily life without pain, discomfort and the need for ongoing care.


Sometimes (chiropractic manipulation) and (spine sparing strategies) are not enough to get a patient back to his typical activities of daily living .

In such cases function and movement assessments are necessary to isolate imbalances and dysfunction. Therapeutic Exercises are the key to restoring normal function and getting you back to being you!