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The only reason I am in a doctor’s office every day is because I own the place-otherwise I would be out in the world being active. This is what most of my patients appreciate about Paragon Chiropractic- they do not want to be part of ongoing, long-term care programs with months and months of chiropractic adjustments, only to feel like they need more adjustments whenever they are active.

This is the idea behind Home Care Programs- helping you understand the “nuts and bolts” of you so that you can enjoy, rather than worry about the risks and challenges of being alive. Think about it, if you were an able handyman or mechanic, how big of a deal would it be if something broke at your house or the car wouldn’t start? Yes, it’s still a drag, but you would simply take a look at it, see what’s going on and try a few things to get the show back on the road.  In most cases, especially those connected with health and well-being, situations will resolve themselves if you know how to do the right things.

But, short of showing you how to do chiropractic manipulation on yourself, the doctors at Paragon Chiropractic can show you how to gain more ability, and more certainty through helping you understand how you work, and more importantly how to keep yourself working even when the “stuff” hits the fan.

Like a self winding watch, the human body keeps on ‘ticking” as long as it stays in motion. Whenever a person is afraid; afraid of the pain, afraid of not knowing, afraid of doing further injury or harm- motion stops and the body no longer functions as it was designed, and this is where the trouble begins…

UNLESS, you know about Paragon Chiropractic Home Care Programs!

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