Hip Hinge

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Most people; weight lifters, yoga guys, runners, athletes and even people who sit for a living cannot perform a correct squat motion. This dysfunction is MAMMOTH, and leads to many of the low back and neck injuries that patients present to this office. In a term, these people are not able to HIP HINGE.

Wonder why you can’t do the “Crouching Tiger” in yoga? Can’t hip hinge.
Not able to get a 300 pound squat at the gym? Can’t hip hinge.
Sitting at your workstation too painful? Can’t hip hinge.
Are biking, hiking, walking, sitting, climbing stairs, simple exercises, even going to the bathroom a problem? That’s right- you can’t hip hinge!

If that’s not enough, ever wonder why you aren’t a movie star, or a rock star, or one of the beautiful people the gods had always meant for you to be? You got it- you can’t hip hinge! The inability to hip hinge is a major problem!

Curious yet? Well come on in and I will perform a quick squat analysis on you and teach you how to perform a correct hip hinge- all of your dreams could come true!

In the meantime, check out our Hip Hinge Video…