What Exercise is Best for Me?

What Exercise is Best for Me? 2017-08-17T00:42:19+00:00

We used to say the best exercise was the one a person actually did. This really isn’t true anymore, especially when one considers the importance of whole body motions while exercising. Exercises that isolate a single movement pattern and perform motion along a single plane such as most conventional free weight and machine exercise programs are no longer effective in training the dynamic motions associated with daily living.

Consider a bench press. Most people perform bench presses as a chest exercise, but bench pressing is more of a triceps exercise, and at what point in a person’s typical activities of daily living is he lying on his back and pushing upwards? It doesn’t mimic the dynamic motions of life.

Being able to perform a correct squat and/or dead lift is paramount to proper spinal mechanics associated with almost ALL activities of life, and more so should one wish to avoid future back pain and injury. This being known, typical exercise equipment found in most gyms such as leg curls, leg extensions, hamstring curls, toe raises isolate and exercise the component movements of squatting and dead lifts but never orchestra the complete fluid motion, and the first time the person bends over…BANG- his back goes out, again!

It seems that everyone is an exercise expert, and while I make no claim to this title, the best exercises would be those that correct dysfunction, imbalance and asymmetries in mobility and stability and then build overall, dynamic movement strength from there.

At Paragon Chiropractic we can assess your functional movement and recommend stretches and exercises that correct those dysfunctions, restore proper function and help you build from there.