Becoming Your Own Healthcare Provider



This is where Paragon Chiropractic can be its biggest help. We never wanted to create any dependency on the part of our patients- you know, old Dr. Dave will just fix me, and you really don’t want to create any dependency on any other doctors. This is what’s sad about these patients that don’t want me to retire. I might not always be around, but you will be, and this is why you need to think about you as your own healthcare provider.


I can’t tell you how cool it is to hear a patient tell me that after they hurt themselves they remembered what I told them and they iced, and walked, and didn’t use heat, or stretch and they felt so much better the next day that they couldn’t believe it! Some were able to self manage, and didn’t need to see me at all!


I know that sounds weird, but helping one improve their ability to help themselves and others is the only way we make it in this world.


Well, kind of funny, but I’m out of space to write about what I started out to write about, but I’ll give you a hint…


It’s called the Nocebo Effect, and yes, it’s the opposite of the Placebo Effect.  When we talk about the Nocebo Effect, we are not talking about how you knowing the side effects of medication can actually make you experience those side effects.


When I say Nocebo Effect, I’m talking about those times when some doctor told you nothing could be done about it, and that you just have to live with it.  These words and attitudes can actually make a patient think that he will never get well, and as a result, do poorly for the rest of their lives. This is bad, and a patient can become his or her own self fulfilling prophecy. You can actually make yourself well, or make yourself ill simply by what you think and your attitude toward life.


Sooooo, until the next blog, remember SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Take Care,


Dr. Dave