Talking More Leads To More Life


In case you missed the first part of the blog about less communication and its effect on us, CLICK HERE!


Less and less person to person communication, less and less life. I know you have felt what I’m talking about. Isolated, alone, helpless and hopeless.


Go shopping, you check yourself out. Go to the gas station, you pump your own gas. Go to a Department store or any retail shop and try to find another person to help you. It all adds up, and by the end of the day, the person is depressed and not really sure why. No human contact. A planet of 7.5 billion people and no one to talk to… AMAZING!


I was going to rant and rave about the heartless, faceless and soulless Google and how they decided to cancel my account because their computers couldn’t confirm it was me. Had a person just taken a look and talked to me they could have easily confirmed that it was me. I’m looking at myself in the mirror and I can confirm it’s me!


But I won’t. It will only tick you off.


So, if you really need help, if you want to feel alive, feel important, feel loved, really want to know how wonderful it is to be alive, you are going to need another living, breathing human.


Guess what we’ve got at Paragon Chiropractic? Real live, living, breathing humans who are happy to listen, happy to look at you, happy to tell you, “Yes, I see you! You do exist, I exist, this office exists, the planet exists!”


That might be all the more “cure” a person needs- another person telling them, “Yeah, I see you!”


Sooooooo, along with all the great chiropractic care we offer, if you just want to make sure that you still exist (since the whole world seems to keep telling you you don’t),  just swing on by and we’ll be happy to let you know that you do!


Take Care,


Dr. Dave


P.S. To hell with Google!!!!!!! LOL!