Thank you for taking the time to read this latest edition of my blogs!


We recently e-mailed out a number of quick videos showing people how to sit, how to get up and few exercises to help everybody feel better and hopefully do better now that “The Man” has us grounded us for being too happy and prosperous!


Please take a look. They can be found on our YouTube Channel.


What I thought I might do is finish a blog I started to write some time ago or at least wanted to write some time ago. It seems fitting in this day and age, and hopefully, you will think so, too.


One of the big advantages of advancing technology is that it SHOULD afford us the luxury to stop and think. Instead of fighting the environment, or man-eating Wildebeests crashing through our encampments, we find ourselves not engaged in so many life and death struggles with the world around us. This can be both good and bad; good, in that who wants to break their hump every minute of every day, and bad, in that, breaking our humps every minute of every day toughens us up, makes us stronger and smarter. BUT… it doesn’t allow us the free time to communicate.


With advancing technology we should have time to ponder, communicate with each other and develop wisdom!  If one is actually in a tooth and nail struggle to survive, or if he thinks he is, there is no time to wonder, to reason, to think and prosper and grow wiser.


For all the technology, what it should allow for is the freedom to communicate- to communicate with not only the world around us but with each other!


Instead, we find people texting and driving, whole families sitting at a meal on their phones, kids who see a world that only exists on a screen twelve inches from their faces.  Cars are driving themselves, computers are turning on lights and setting temperatures, pills, and shots to make us happy and well…. And the band plays on.


There really isn’t anything wrong with these technological advancements, per se, BUT… are we really in better communication with each other, are we exchanging ideas and making the world a better place to live… creating a better playing field? Are we really free, or are we slaves to another self-appointed master? Just look around and you can answer that question for yourself.


Think about this and stay tuned for the conclusion on what we can do in next week’s blog!