Hello, and Welcome Back!


I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on my laughter blog. So many great comments and suggestions, I guess people really want to laugh, play and be happy!

Wow… who’d have to thunk it! Well, I guess that’s what we should do!!!!!

You know, in looking over the past blog articles, I sometimes think I should be more technical or scientific, or something. Talk more about chiropractic, but then I realize that chiropractic is a life science, and when talking about games, playing, and pursuing happiness, well… I am talking about chiropractic!

I don’t know, maybe I should tell you about the latest warnings, you know… the 7 deadly signs, or 8 omens that will diminish your life expectancy, but even if I did, in a month or so there will be new warnings! Someone will have tested a whole new batch of rats-like a bunch of rats could tell you anything about human beings! Well, maybe some!

And what have I done, but given you more worthless crap to worry about, and that’s what’s going to put you into an early grave anyhow-stress and worry!

Or maybe I should tell you all about the new Ivy League school findings, but most of these medical schools are financed by the pharmaceutical companies, and aren’t the Ivy League schools where most of our politicians were “educated”?

Or perhaps I should tell you what the FDA or the CDC, or WHO has to say about how you’re supposed to live? Who cares… it’s mostly crap anyway!

And really these organizations have done very little to improve the plight of mankind, and in fact, evidenced by the past year or so have possibly only made it worse.

Well, what about science? Scientists are always on the verge of some new discovery, some breakthrough that is going to save us all. Just ask them!  And while there have been breakthroughs, these are the same guys who have given us all the poisons, drugs, food additives, chemicals, pollution, and atomic weapons.

The word “science” is derived from the Greek “scios” which means to know, and all they tell us is they aren’t sure and they don’t know.

So what can we talk about?

Life and living and helping others; communication with others and the world around us, and well… life, and laughter, and… you get the point. Basically the blogs I write!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the only security a person really has is his ability to understand, think for himself, and assess data. This will become more and more apparent as time goes on.

The only antidote to all the crap that we’ve had shoved down our throats this past year or so is to create more life than can be beaten down and destroyed. It’s the only life and hopes each of us has.

So maybe next blog I’ll talk some more about some old cartoon I’ve been watching or how much I love chocolate chip cookies, you know… the really important stuff!

Until Then…,

Dr. Dave