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We are starting to get more and more readers, and people are making a lot of positive comments concerning the blogs.

In earlier blogs, I spoke of a term called Movement Medicine.

It’s a term or concept I heard listening to a lecture about connective tissue and its function, and I’ve taken it to describe what we try and achieve at Paragon Chiropractic.

Basically, we help people move better, more efficiently, more eloquently, and with better control and gracefulness.

Yes, this would include reducing pain, but one will find that as they move, and move more freely a lot of their pain dissipates and goes away.

Walking and controlling movement can be an amazing tool in restoring health and wellness, and even feeling and appearing young.

I read an interesting quote from L. Ron Hubbard given back in January of 1954,

“You would be surprised that age mirrors itself in a person’s motions….

And if you want to appear young, move young.

Well, how do you do that?

Well, you take over the automaticity of all your motions.

Don’t move automatically anymore, move self-consciously….”

Brilliant! You and I mean YOU move your body,

Did YOU make your body get up and move to the kitchen? Or did some thought machine do it?

Whether walking, or getting up from sitting, or climbing stairs use deliberate motion and strides as you move. Pay attention to the motion, and ask yourself,

“Am I moving this body, or is some automatic machine doing it?”

At first, you might not really notice any difference, you walk this way and get out of a chair a certain way because you always do it that way, but as you pay attention and you know that you are lifting your feet and striding, it will seem a bit difficult and you might not be able to walk any great distance- end of the driveway or block at best.

But it is worth practicing. In time your motions will appear youthful and free, and definitely in your control. I know you’ve seen these people walking around- that can be you!

In this blog, I thought I might include a video trying to describe connective tissue and how it can become plastic and elastic depending upon motion. In the end, one must increase his or her motions to make more fluid and elastic any connective tissue adhesions that develop from limiting motion. Best to just make an appointment and let us show you! Control your motions and movements- slow, deliberate, and with intention. This can be done walking, getting up and down from sitting, and even climbing stairs- anytime really.  These deliberate movements will not be easy, and in fact, will challenge you, but you will be able to control your movements much more easily and more efficiently.

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you have any questions or would like help, please do not hesitate to call Paragon Chiropractic at 602-230-9292 or comment below!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave