Well, I hope you have been enjoying these blogs! I try to write them so you can recall your own personal recollections and/or add your own thoughts. It’s better if you can make these blogs your own.

Recently we have had a number of interesting cases at Paragon Chiropractic, with very positive outcomes. In these cases, we did not administer care and instead referred these patients to the appropriate specialists who helped our patients make excellent recoveries.

Without getting into any real detail, these cases presented with what appeared to be chiropractic issues, but upon deeper inspection, they absolutely were not chiropractic issues, and I would say that these patients are alive and doing well today because we made the correct referral.

I’m not trying to impress you with the fact that we acted appropriately, but rather the time with which we were able to get these cases to the correct specialist. THAT DAY!!!!

One of them, time was the difference between life and possibly death.

Even if your situation isn’t life-threatening, it’s really all about time- not waiting 2 weeks before you can be seen, or sending you to the ER, or to the internet to make your own diagnosis… two weeks might be too late.

I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am that we made the discoveries and got these patients where they needed to be ASAP!

I say this because many might not consider seeing a chiropractor first when something isn’t right. But why not?

It might be something simple.

Today I had a patient who has an extensive medical history, and this person was in obvious distress. I was able to make a few simple corrections and they were no longer in distress.

Sounds simple, but it wasn’t, and had I not been able to do what I did for this person, who knows?!? Knowing what I did… it was miraculous!

The patient turned to me and asked if they ever told me that they love me?

This person was deeply grateful for the many years we’ve been able to help pull them out of the fire. It was very touching.

But let me ask again, why not Paragon Chiropractic first? If your health situation is not an obvious, serious medical emergency, why not ask us first?

Ours is always a simple and inexpensive approach and one that won’t waste your time or money. We can often determine what is going on that day, make corrections, and most importantly show you how to self-manage. AMAZING!!!

I can’t tell you how many patients are so grateful for being able to get in that day to see us, and should they need medical tests we can get X-Rays, MRI’s and blood work often on the day of their visit.

What’s really cool is that often we can get MRI and X-ray reports the day the patient had the study!

Apart from all the cool things we do at Paragon, I think one of the most magical things we do can be summed up in one word: Attention.

When patients call and come to our office their attention is inside of them wondering what’s wrong, can it be fixed, is it going to cost a fortune…, get the idea?

And as we take a history, perform an examination, and explain what we found and what we can do about it, the patient’s attention stops looking inward, and moves outward and at the world around them. Basically, they stop worrying about, “What if…,” and begin to notice more of the world around them.

As a person starts to know, they worry less, and they know that they can control their destiny, so to speak.

We’ve all felt that sigh of relief when we discover what the heck is going on, and what can be done about it! The world looks brighter, people are friendlier, and the future is promising. It’s almost as if the problem simply disappeared.

Who da thunk it that getting your attention off of you and on the world around you would be the best “cure” for what ails ya?

Ummmmmmmm… Paragon Chiropractic did!

See you on the outside!

Dr. Dave