Hello, and Thanks Again for Reading Along!

I was always told that there were two divisions in life- science and art- one was either a scientist or one was an artist. Although I spent many years studying science, I have always considered myself more of an artist who could consider the possibility of the impossible. I never needed any proof for what I thought to be, I simply considered that it was, and that was it. Dreamworlds were always more real to me, and a whole lot more fun than “reality.”

For some time this stuff they call “science” has been telling us that we are little more than soulless animals who sprang from an ammonia sea and a couple of clods of mud that got zapped by a lightning bolt, and perhaps we were, and perhaps we are- it certainly would be easier to kill a soulless and Godless animal that came from mud than what one might consider a human being. And that is definitely something to think about when someone tells you it’s all science. Scientists have become the modern-day version of the unknown we’ve been told knows everything about everything.

Please understand that this is not a rap on science and scientists and the many, many good things they have discovered and accomplished over the centuries. But it is a rap on those who defend themselves and their ignorance calling it science.

Voltaire once said,

“The human brain is a complex organ with the wonderful power of enabling man to find reasons for continuing to believe whatever it is that he wants to believe.”

In earlier blogs, I talked about how important it is to be able to confront what actually is, and be able to look at it and understand. Not just continue to convince yourself that you are right by insisting, and sometimes with great violence that others are wrong.

Here’s a thought.., if we really did erupt from ammonia and mud- who created the ammonia and mud? There has to be something here.

If I can make a suggestion, perhaps it is best to consider science as a tool, something we can all observe and learn from for the betterment of all, rather than continuing through our lives detached from any real responsibility for the condition we find ourselves in.

A true scientist evaluates the data he inspects and without bias or prejudice determines what would be the best for most. He presents that data so that others can use it to make decisions for themselves, and again for the betterment of himself, his family, the groups he belongs to, and mankind.

Science never has, and never will be able to “save” us… only we can do that for each other, and our jobs can be made much easier and much more fruitful with the help of science. Not idiots who declare themselves the God they say doesn’t exist, and as the authority we must all obey OR ELSE!!!

Real science, where scientists and just regular Joes like us question what we are told and the world around us; and what we believe is real and what isn’t- constant study and research- no real answers, only possibilities for us to consider and bring to life a new world of reality kind of like… well, kind of like an artist! Pretty cool how I did that, huh?

You know, it was Thomas Jefferson who once said of luck,

“The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have!”

With this in mind, could the same concept be applied to solutions in general? Perhaps taking some responsibility for the people and world around us one might think,

“The more responsibility one takes for not only his actions but the actions of others, perhaps the more cure and solutions to the life he might have.”

Perhaps this is really all there is to science.

Take Care,

Dr. Dave