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From time to time I see ads on the internet warning about the 7 deadly signs, or the 5 things you need to know, or else…              In many cases, two or more of the danger signs involve sleeping or eating or drinking water, or anything else you do on a daily basis that you consider normal, living activities.

These warnings are considered Red Flags, and the fact that someone is warning you of your demise if you don’t do what they say, well… that in and of itself should be a Red Flag, too!

A number of years ago we attended a chiropractic seminar, and someone in the audience asked the presenter what Red Flags insurance companies looked for concerning chiropractic insurance billing.

The presenter laughed and said,

“You’re a chiropractor trying to bill an insurance company….. That’s the Red Flag!”

If you were a chiropractor, you would probably think that’s funny.

But we all have concerns about Red Flags, you know those things that say,

“Oh, Oh… we have a problem!”

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what to look for, or be able to see into the future if only a little bit to possibly avoid some of the pitfalls?

Some things might seem obvious, don’t do this, do more of that, but then one can always find an exception to what they thought would be the best route to avoid a lot of crap.

Here’s this guy that did “everything wrong” and now he’s laughing at you!

There probably is no right way or wrong way, but… there can always be your way.

A person can always know his future simply by conceiving the idea of what their future should look like, and then doing, or not doing those things that will get them there, or at least head them in that direction until they change their minds again.

Not too difficult.

Consider that you have spent most of your life handling others’ problems. Take a real good look at this. Most of the things that are making you gray, stooping your shoulders, and sucking the life out of you… are they really your problems? Did you cause them, or are you simply the effect of them?

What if you simply told those who keep creating problems for you that you are more than capable of creating your own problems and perhaps they should go pound sand? Maybe we should be Red Flags to them, and you know what? We are- that’s why these problem causers keep pushing and pushing.

Still, need warning signs and Red Flags?

Here’s a Red Flag…

You, that thing that really is you, is an all-knowing, all-powerful spirit/being, that is trying to operate a body without an owner’s manual on a rock that is floating and spinning away in outer space. Now, there’s a Red Flag!

How did you get here? There’s another Red Flag!

And not only are you kind of stuck here, but you are also surrounded by 7 billion or more who are in the same boat as you- trying to do the best they can to survive- whatever that means, and whatever that takes.

Wow… Good Luck!

But here’s a really big Red Flag, knowing this, why don’t we do something about it?

Got any ideas?

Take Care,

Dr. Dave


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