Well, I’m going to sound like your mom and dad, but I hope you’ve been studying!

Keep in mind as one studies, one has to decide if what he is studying makes sense, and if one is able to apply what they have studied- does the newfound data actually work, and can the individual use it to improve the quality of their life, the lives of others, does it keep that person heading down the road on their life’s journey?

In this day and age, it is easy to be led astray by someone who seems to “resonate” with what you think and/or believe. One needs to listen and then think for themselves.

I’m reminded of an old joke.

Once upon a time, there was an Order of priests, who amongst other sacrifices were sworn to a life of celibacy. This particular Order followed the teachings of a wise, old priest who every year would enter the catacombs where the holy scriptures were kept and not return for several weeks until he had read each and every page. For the rest of the year, the wise old priest would teach the scriptures to the other priests and assure them that they were truly on the path of righteousness and that their sacrifices, including celibacy, were truly virtuous.

This went on for many years until one year the wise old priest past away.

In his place, a new priest was elected, and he descended into the catacombs to read the Holy Scriptures.

After a few days, he returned to the Order mumbling to himself and appearing quite bewildered.

“Brother, what’s wrong? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost!” asked the other priests.

“Cela, cela… Celebrate… the word is CELEBRATE… CELEBRATE!!!”

So much for listening to others, and not finding out for yourself!

One must study and discover what is true for them.

A friend of mine once told me he was in Greece speaking with an old, Greek merchant who warned to never trust anything anyone told a person.

His reason?

You would never know if that person had lost his mind! For that matter, how would you know if you lost yours?!?

Yeah, I know… kind of out there, but still…. How would you know?


Take a look and try to apply it. Does it work? Can you use it?  Does it even make sense?

When one considers the Dark Ages, one thinks that was a long time ago and there has been a Renaissance, and we’ve been through all of that and here we are, right?

The Dark Ages were a time when people did not think, they only listened to people who wished to control them through duress, superstition, and fear. These people never looked, they never read, they never studied; they followed fools into despair and deeper darkness.

Sound familiar?

How can we be so technologically advanced, and yet for all intents and purposes live in the Dark Ages today?

It is time for another Renaissance!

So study! Learn! Never compromise your knowingness!

Create and discover your path through life, find what is true for you, and pedal to the metal!

Alright, so next blog we will get back to some science stuff, and talk about your guts and bugs!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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