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So I really hope you enjoyed that last blog and/or video.

If a person was to study only one thing and challenge himself along the lines of that study, AND from that study was able to know all there was to know, what would that one thing be?

For all the many sciences and –ologies we’ve heard of, those we’ve studied and the many more that we never knew existed, very little is truly known about the one subject worthy of a lifetime of study.

Oh, many a theory has been posited regarding this subject, and perhaps it was always hoped that by studying this thing over here, some magical transfer of knowledge would allow us to know better the one subject that lo these past several millennia still remains relatively unknown to science.

For all theologies, philosophies, and –isms, and the many who claim to know, one would find himself challenged to gain any real wisdom he could use.

And if one truly wished to study this subject, what would he study?

“Graduates of our high schools and colleges lack the experience of actually knowing anything, of knowing it, and knowing the reasons.  They don’t even have the habit of wanting to know the reasons why they believe things. Their minds are crammed with information, but they prefer to believe it on a say-so, such as “science says-“, or “science has shown that-“ There are science teachers who actually claim that they teach “a healthy skepticism.” They do not. They teach a profound gullibility, and their dupes, not trained to think for themselves, will swallow any egregious rot, provided it is dressed up with long words and an affectation of objectivity to make it sound scientific.”

That was from Science is a Sacred Cow by Anthony Standen- published in January of 1950…, 73 years ago!

Wow, that sounds a bit harsh, but look around…, consider the last 3 or 4 years. So many experts, so much information, so much “science”, so many people willing to kill their neighbor for not believing what they believe, so many hoping for tragedy to befall those who would not follow- and yet here we all are, perhaps waiting for Round Two of “Science Knows Best!” a potentially deadly game if there ever was one.

What to do?

A person had better start living and determine what is life and livingness for themselves. Be their own scientist, pose their own hypotheses, do their own experiments, create their own theories, and apply them to life, all the while being willing to say, “I was wrong” when they were and start the whole process over again for the betterment of all!

This is the one thing the great Priesthood of Science simply will not do, admit when it was wrong.  It’s not that they can’t, in fact, they should, it’s that scientists and their benefactors just won’t.

I wouldn’t hitch my wagon to this nonsense!

So the one subject?


Most of science’s -ologies do little else than de-humanize Man, claiming that man is a soulless animal that is the result of some impossible happenstance of mud and ammonia being animated by a bolt of lightning and never providing any explanation of where the sea of ammonia, the mud or the lightning bolt came from.

And you might be burnt at the stake as a heretic if you do ask!

I guess it’s easier this way to kill people with bombs, warfare, diseases, drugs, and the pandemic of stupidity, right?  A person can’t really kill something per se that wasn’t really thought to be alive in the first place, right?

Only one small problem with this theory…, not only ARE we alive, but we are the source of life and livingness! A little detail all the scientists and their –ologies seemed to have missed- too busy trying to figure out what they could do to us, rather than for us!

Sentience- now there’s a word. Sentience. This would be consciousness and the awareness that one would know that he is alive, and living.

I know it’s hard to put your finger on it, but you know exactly what I’m talking about, you can feel it, you know it.

It is the awareness of the awareness unit, right? And in my opinion, this is the thing that separates humans from all other life on this planet.

This sentience must really be something because it is the target of science, the various medical societies, universities, pharmaceutical companies, alcohol manufacturers, politicians, and anyone who wishes to control our futures.

This, too might be a topic for 100’s of blogs, but….

Back in the mid-90s, a study was presented showing that while the United States comprised only 6% of the total world population, we as a Nation consumed over 66% of ALL the drugs and medicines made on the planet.

Back in 2016, the National Institute of Drug Abuse claimed that the US consumed over 75% of all the prescription drugs made on the planet.

Currently, the US population is 4.25% of the total planet.

What better way to destroy sentience than whack everyone out on drugs, alcohol, processed garbage foods, and a steady hypnotic flow of social media and the news?

One would have to work very hard, and do so each and every day to retain his humanness, his humanity and grow as a sentient being- this would include reading, sleeping, eating correctly, exercising, and being more tolerant of one’s fellow Man.

Sentience. Knowing that one is truly alive and able to experience those sensations associated with living.

What must a Wildebeest be thinking when it watches one of its own killed and eaten by crocodiles laying wait in the same river he must now cross?  Does he think? Does he feel? Does he even care?

We do, or at least we should. BUT…, I mean isn’t science trying to build a bridge, or I’m sure our politicians will pass a law making crocodiles illegal, right?

Hey, we’re saved!

Pass the bong, and hand me another can of beer! {Nope.  I do not do either.}

Hooray for science, hooray for all that thinks for us!

But the bigger question still remains,

What are we going to do about the world we find ourselves in?

I guess wade into the river and hope someone else gets it, right?

But knowing that one’s turn is imminent, shouldn’t one want to do something now to prevent it, or Heaven forbid…, that someone else doesn’t get it?

Would one mechanically go through the motions of life, their actions disconnected from any meaningfulness or purpose?

Isn’t this what sentience is all about? Wouldn’t a study of life be well, life-saving?

Boy, I wish this was a little more uplifting, but it’s not.

But I always try to post something to make a person think.

Did I do it?

Please comment below, or somehow and let me know!

Best wishes to all of us!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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