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Wow, those past blogs were rather heavy, but certainly something to think about.

I love this approach to health care and wellness because it puts the onus back squarely upon the shoulders of that which causes each of our distress and travail, happiness, and hope- the Being himself.

One lives in a world that is governed by the decisions and choices he makes, or more importantly, doesn’t make. The health and wellness of a person are sooooo much more than bugs, stress, vitamins, exercise, organic foods or junk foods, or whatever the latest Podcast Heroes are proclaiming.

The effect that any or all of these things have upon a person is based for the most part on what that person thinks these things will do to him or for him. One can only be harmed by what he doesn’t know about or is unfamiliar with, or that which he has decided is harmful.

Here’s what Epictetus, the Roman Stoic said….

“Who then is invincible?  The one who cannot be upset by anything outside their reasoned choice.”

Why does it make you feel better? Because you say it does.

Why does it make you feel worse? Because you say it does.

Why does it help or harm? Because you say it does.

Yeah, I know…, it sounds too easy, and to be honest, there are a number of not-so-good things associated with any Being that unfortunately have a say as well, but it was the Being himself who created these not-so-good things, and said that they should have a say.

Regardless, one simply cannot blame a hot dog, or the poor quality of the City water for their poor health any more than one can claim that carrot sticks and push-ups keep a person healthy and well.

To do so would be to claim that there is a cause greater than oneself governing his life.

At the end of the day, one is because one says or thinks so.

We get this idea that there is a force beyond us that is influencing our lives and the things that happen to us or don’t happen to us.

Some claim that it is a Supreme Being, or even the Universe itself, but I can assure you, and as crazy as it might sound, there is no force or power beyond the Being himself.

This is why I get into all of this stuff about being a god. I am not questioning or challenging anyone’s religious beliefs, or saying that each of us should be worshiped as a Supreme Being, but what else would you call this thing that is you, and is the source of life and the universe one finds himself in?

A god!

In earlier blogs, we talked about Man the god, and this would be at the higher end of the scale that really has no bounds. At the other end would be Man the animal- devoid of any humanity, save his own basic needs of food, shelter, and water.  Unfortunately, this status knows no bounds either.

If one can get their head around this concept, one would discover himself to be the only salvation available to himself, or to anyone else.

The Being or person himself would be the only real therapeutic agent available to him and others.

As a god, how afraid would a person be of that which he created?

Not very.

Understand, by creating I am talking about the universe one finds himself in, not necessarily all of the stuff in that universe, but rather his thoughts, the way he acts and reacts, and behaves.

We always get this idea that we should have been able, you know?

I should have been able to prevent that tornado from wrecking my house, or pterodactyls from eating my daffodils. Yeah, maybe…, but you can control what you do next, your actions and reactions and this mocks up the universe one finds himself in, and nothing else.

In the past, I’ve spoken of a very lengthy book called, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

It is quite a thought-provoking book and one that would certainly be worth a person’s while to set aside the time necessary to read it.

At the very end of the book Harari makes a very interesting comment, and if one reads the book this final passage might really get those brain gears churning,

“Is there anything more dangerous than dissatisfied and irresponsible gods who don’t know what they want?”

He is talking about us, of course, and might this not be an explanation of sorts for much of the craziness we see around us?

If one were to consider the Gods of Mount Olympus in Greek and Roman Mythology (which might not really be mythology, after all….) they certainly caused their fair share of mischief for us mortals, but from which Man did prevail! (These challenges are the manna of life!)

I know this stuff is all pretty heavy, but one has to consider the other side- you’ve seen all the commercials for drugs and alcohol. You’ve been to your medical doctor, and you’ve watched friends, family, and loved ones suffer and end up poorly.

Perhaps I am off my rocker but look at the alternative.

We Americans consume about 75% of all the prescription drugs made on the planet.

Let’s ask ourselves, is this working? Are we healthy and better off?

Nearly 700,000 people in the US die each year from cardiovascular disease, and we spend over $320 billion annually on drugs to treat cardiovascular disease.

Is it working? Perhaps for the pharmaceutical companies, but I’m not so sure about us.

So do we sit and wait for the Grim Reaper to call our number, or perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…, do we start to do something to help ourselves- even if this means being a god!

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Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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