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Marcus Aurelius once said,

“Tell yourself: I have to go to work – as a human being. What do I have to complain about, if I’m going to do what I was born for (that is to be human)- the things I was brought into this world to do?  Or is this what I was created for? To stay huddled under the blankets and stay warm?

The Roman Stoics had the right idea nearly 2000 years ago.

  1. Ron Hubbard gives us a very interesting definition for this “human being” Marcus Aurelius was talking about…,

You, before you mocked yourself up”

A mock-up is a wonderful term and concept- it’s how you are making something look or appear. The body itself is a mockup. A person mocks up how they look when they leave the house, their home, their car, their workspaces, their jobs- their whole life…, these have all been mocked up by the individual himself.

Get the idea that a mock-up is something a person puts up or creates and says,

“It is there!!!”

And that’s the most important part, it is something that was put in place and probably only exists because someone says it does, and others agree.

If one is capable of mocking things up, why fight so hard to maintain and hold a mock-up in place? Just make another one, right?

The mock-up is not really you, or that thing that is you…, it’s just a symbol or idea brought to life so to speak in the physical universe.

And not to sound mean, but whoopee-doo, we can all mock things up and my mock-ups aren’t really any more important than yours.

So why fight the world over some mocked-up identity as if this is really the person himself? It’s just a mockup, and that thing that is you once again is,

You, before you mocked yourself up.”

So there is this “thing”, this life energy or soul or spirit that is you, and you are mocking up your body and the world around you.

Most, when asked, tell me they do believe they are some type of life energy and not the body, so why do people work so hard to be stuck in their mock-ups?

And then work so hard to make their mock-ups persist at any and all costs?

Plastic surgery, hormone injections, bio-hacking, mind-altering drugs, cryogenics, dangerous health practices….

I read that one bio-hacker is planning on living to be 186 years old. Wow. He doesn’t sleep for fear of losing his “edge”, and he lives on foodstuffs that are the equivalent of nitrous oxide.

Good luck, Mr. 110%!  He’s probably dead already.

Here’s the real kicker…, that thing that creates bodies and mocks up the world is immortal- it can never die.

And if it can simply mock up new stuff, I ask again,

“Why is it so important that our mock-ups last forever?”

Wouldn’t it be far more prudent to “work” as it were, like Marcus Aurelius said, on that thing that is the creator of life, to work on one’s humanity, his civility, his virtue, and understanding his beingness and life, rather than bio-hacking a mock-up as if the being himself were actually the mockup?

So what does this have to do with health and wellness?

One can work on mocking himself up to be the person he or she wants to be.

One can mock himself up as a person who is healthy, or ill; happy or sad; winning or losing- however they want, and then they can always change their mind.

But as one works to be their mock-up, they move further and further from what might be considered to be their “native state”, and bury themselves deeper and deeper under their own stupidity and as a result,  life and the world around them get a little worse each day.

Just look around.

Rather than working on being a human being, people work on being bodies and identities, and then come to my office with a tear in their eye that they aren’t quite the “superhero” they were 20 years ago.

Regardless of age, or the status of a body, one can always be kinder, smarter, wiser, and more helpful to those who need help, right?

It’s an interesting phenomenon when I hear people say that they feel empty and alone, and why not?

For as beautiful as they look on the outside, they never worked on that “stuff” on the inside, and having failed to recognize that inner beauty, that soul, that spirit, or life energy, they never built it up and connected it with humanity.

Pecs look great, though!

This is why I talk about Man the god.

One must work each day upon his virtue, his goodness, and his humanity, and from this determine his own beingness each day and every day.

Talking mostly of the importance of “hot-rodding” bodies and brains, most of the popular blogs and podcasts never discuss the purpose of such “hot-rodding” and how one might be of more service to Mankind.

Hey wait a second…, if I keep it up with this inner peace, wisdom, and humanity stuff I’ll never get popular…,

Okay, next blog Dr. Dave will tell you how to be a Sex Machine!

Ahhhhh, finally the world will love me!

Take Care, Dr. Dave

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