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When patients come to me I typically ask where does it hurt, what did you do to injure yourself, and what makes it better and what makes it worse.

As odd as it might sound, the “problem”, as it were, is rarely a back or knee or shoulder, but rather it is a you problem, you know, you, the whole you, and nothing but the you!

Let’s say you have a vacuum cleaner that keeps breaking every time you use it.

Yes, the vacuum keeps breaking, but who keeps breaking it?

Assuming that it is a good vacuum cleaner, one would soon come to the conclusion that it’s not the vacuum that needs to be “fixed”, but rather the person or persons who keep breaking it, right?

This would require some familiarity with the vacuum, an understanding of what it can and can’t do, and some training on how to properly use the vacuum.

In a word, a person would have to be educated in the proper use of their vacuum.

Now consider your body and all of its aches and pains.

Is it really a stupid knee, shoulder, or back, or might it be a “stupid” you?

I guess the point I am trying to make is that there really can be no successful separation between the body and the thing that animates, understands, and repairs the body, and that is you.

So, once again…, what needs to be fixed?

What needs to gain familiarity, gain understanding, and confidence that it can successfully own and operate a human body?

That’s right, you!

In fact, most of the trouble a person has with a body part or organ is that they’ve managed to separate themselves from that area of the body, and have gone out of communication with the ailing tissues.

And why? Because it hurts!

Oh no, there’s that drug stuff again, which totally puts a person out of communication with not only their body but the world around them.

Again, communication is the universal solvent. A person simply needs to get back in communication with the body and take some responsibility for it.

In the end, this is how the body heals and repairs itself, and functions- you the living entity get in communication with the body and make things go right.

Most doctors treat the sore stuff, and provide very little, if any education or training to help the patient gain the familiarity necessary to help themselves.

Holy Cow! This sounds like one of Dr. Dave’s crazy blogs about being the only health care provider available for themself and being a god, and all the other stuff.

That’s right, and don’t forget about reading and wisdom.

The problem is you and responsibility, or rather the lack thereof.

When a patient comes to see me, I would much rather ask them this question,

“What do you hope to accomplish in the time you have left?” rather than Where does it hurt?

This isn’t meant to make a person ponder their mortality, but rather consider what they might like to do with their life from this point forward.

By, “… time you have left?” means the time you have left as perhaps the mother or father of young kids, or as an employee with your company,  or as a neighbor in your neighborhood, or anything really where there will be the potential of a last day.

In terms of what we do at Paragon Chiropractic, and with any health care provider really, it will always be easier to help a person accomplish their dreams than to make their pain go away.

The aches and pains and worries are little more than mental barriers a person puts in place between where they are, and where they would like to be.

Know this, overcome all the obstacles a person’s mind has put on their path, and continue to push through until one has arrived!

Most people are scared to death of dying because they are too afraid to live.  Either way, it is a fear problem.

In either case, try living more, or trying dying more and you will eventually prove to yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Obviously, I would recommend living more first!

And if someday you are sitting in my office and I ask you,

“What do you hope to accomplish in the time you have left?”

Know that I am not asking you to tell me, but rather I am telling you to ask yourself!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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