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I hope I’ve been giving you something to think about!

Alright, so you’ve made the decision to handle something in your life, and you are going to make some changes, right?

Well, good for you in spotting that things could be improved and made better, but…, don’t be surprised if things don’t go smoothly.

One of the first things a person observes is that obstacles start to appear on his path- things a person might never have imagined possible.


Well, when one decides to put control and order in some area of his life, there will always be a backlash by those things that don’t want to be controlled!

This is nothing new. The early Stoics once said that the obstacle is the path, and so I suppose the more obstacles, the truer the course, wouldn’t you agree?

But if it was easy, wouldn’t you have done something about it earlier, or perhaps not at all?

And there is always one’s desire to make things, or at least think things are a lot more difficult and challenging than they might be otherwise.

I love Hogan’s Heroes.

In one episode Carter and Newkirk were late returning from a mission. When asked why, they explained about all of the guards they had to hide from, and having to crawl under the barracks, and, and, and….

Bored, Hogan said, “So the usual, huh?”

Dejectedly Carter and Newkirk said, “Well, yeah.”

No one wants to hear about how a person hopped in the car, went to the store and everything he wanted to buy was on sale and he drove back home.

As one decides to do something about his health and wellness, things will happen, and challenges will arise. Just know that this is the path, and the way out is the way through. Just keep pushing through until you get your win!

The toughest part of any journey is that halfway point where you can’t really see from where you left off, and you can’t see the end.

The same is true for decisions to improve one’s health. To put control on a body is no easy task, and the body will protest, but….

A number of years ago my family and I attended a lecture by Norwegian Arctic Explorer, Borge Ousland.

It was his opinion that when a person felt they could go no further, they were halfway there.

But one can not sit in the middle of their decision and not move. This is the best way to get annihilated by one’s obstacles and barriers. They are bad enough during the process, let alone when one is just sitting there mentally and physically dead in the water.

I recall a time I was tired of how I looked and felt, and I decided that I was going to get healthy. So, I made myself a protein drink and hit the shower.

I was pretty proud of myself, and guess what I found?

A tiny little bulge in my lower abdomen.

So the powers that be decided that the first thing I was going to handle on my health journey was to have a double hernia repaired!

So after a little setback, I stayed the course and got healthy anyhow!

Currently, we are making some changes at the office to improve our service and communication lines with our patients.

You cannot believe the nonsense that has been happening, but we are pushing through and we will arrive bigger and better!

Regardless of what flashes up to knock a person down, once the decision to change or move has been made, the gods have been angered, and a person has to do it, lest he suffer the consequences. And I know you know what I mean!

But therein lies the opportunity to challenge one’s character, and come out the other end a hero, as it were.

As the Stoics say, most things are not within one’s control, but what a person does next is- does one stop his journey, or push on through?

You know, to heck with the Gods, because they are always going to be angry anytime you try to win.

A person can just lie down and go back to sleep and make the Gods happy, but I guarantee…, you won’t be happy!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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