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This blog/vlog might take a little noodle scratching, but it should make good sense by the end!

Think of a bicycle wheel.

At the center is a hub, and for the purpose of this analogy, one should consider himself, and himself alone to be the hub.

From the hub radiate a number of spokes, each spoke might be considered an identity the person might assume at some time during the day, or throughout life.

In my case, there is a spoke for being a husband, another spoke for being a dad, another for being a chiropractor, and so on…, a spoke for each of the many hats I wear and identities that I assume on a given day, and have assumed throughout my life.

If one knows he is the hub, and the spokes are nothing more than created identities or even personalities, he would probably be doing fairly well in life.

The hub is the being himself– that soul, or spirit, or life energy, and really has no identity, but is the personality of the individual himself.

Those identities on the spokes are not the individual.

Without getting too heavy, each of these identities on the spokes can have personalities, and for all intents and purposes can be mistaken for the individual himself- that being the hub.

These personalities out on the spokes can think, interact and even take control of the hub- the being himself.

It has been the opinion of my family, as the doctors and staff of Paragon Chiropractic, that if a person really wanted to get well, feel more alive and healthy he would need to resume his viewpoint as the hub of the bicycle wheel in our analogy.

This is why these health and wellness blogs/vlogs encourage people to study and spend time working on their character, their virtue, and humanity because this is the path that leads a person back toward the “hub”, the individual himself.

From that viewpoint, one can control and operate not only his body but the world around him. He can truly make it his.

One of the big problems with the identities, or personalities out on the spokes is that they can also mimic people that one has encountered in this or other lifetimes.

Let me give you an example.

Have you ever reacted to a situation that upon looking back really didn’t seem like you, it seemed out of character?

Perhaps you wouldn’t have yelled or said the things you said.

Maybe it seemed more like how your dad might have handled the situation or even your Little League coach who used to yell at you all the time.

That’s because it wasn’t you who reacted,

Yeah, it came out of your body, but it wasn’t you.

Could one of the personalities or identities out on the spokes have a bad back or some health issue that you now seem to be manifesting?

Is it really your bad back, or health issue?

Probably not.

Perhaps it’s Aunt Bertha’s flambosis of the halitosis. Who knows!

So when one wants to start biohacking, taking magic pills, or have plastic surgery performed, the question comes to mind, or at least it should…,

“Whose problem am I trying to handle, and who’s making the decision to handle it with risky treatments that might reduce my survival potential?”

Good questions.

Sounds crazy, I know, but it is true.

There is so much more to this topic, but I thought I would throw it out there, and invite those who are interested to let me know. I would love to talk more about this subject.

This blog/vlog isn’t meant to get a person all spun up about being haunted…, it’s just something to think about.

If a person is able to think and reason for themselves, and consider both the upside and downside of what they are thinking about doing, he will know that it is most likely himself, the being who is running the show, and not some identity out on the spokes.

Those decisions that do the greatest good for the individual, his family, groups, mankind, and the planet are probably best.

As one studies he will find himself on the path “back” to himself, and able to tell his own stories…, as these are the only ones that matter!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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