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Well, were you able to get your copy of The Deflame Diet?

Hopefully so, and you’ve been making the time to read it…, and apply it!

In terms of a practical guide to help a person be his health care provider, I haven’t found many other books or resources as good as The Deflame Diet.

For those who haven’t gotten their copy yet, we have some at our office.

Don’t let the title fool you, this is not a recipe book or helpful hints on how you can spice up your dining time. It describes how to change yours to a de-inflammatory lifestyle and how in doing so, a person can become healthy.

Anyone who has spent any time reading these blogs will immediately recognize this as a resounding theme- being one’s healthcare provider to be healthy.

Understand that I am not talking about crisis management, or handling a disease when a person has crossed over the line, and their life is in peril. This is NOT healthcare.

If a person is having a heart attack and goes to the hospital and the doctors manage to save this individual’s life- this is crisis management, but NOT healthcare.

Healthcare is not treating illnesses and diseases, or tending to injuries, but rather a lifestyle employed by the individual that pursues health and wellness- eating nutrient-dense whole foods, avoiding inflammatory calories, getting exercise, plenty of sleep and sunlight- these are lifestyle behaviors that promote an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, health, and wellness, and can only be delivered by the individual himself.

Get the difference between crisis management and healthcare…, they are not the same.

Why is this so important?

First and foremost there are no curative remedies beyond the individual himself. Medication and pills at best mitigate a disease, but the person is still unhealthy and this is true for natural remedies as well.

Consider medications for high blood pressure and diabetes- at best these pills get a person to a pre-hypertensive and pre-diabetic status- which is still unhealthy and along with all of the side-effects will lead to further worsening of a person’s overall health and wellness.

Should this person change his lifestyle to include eating healthy, exercise, and proper sleep he will be able to do what no medication or surgery ever could- health and wellness.

So the probability of a “miracle pill” is very unlikely.

And in fact, many studies have been done mixing a variety of medications to remedy chronic illnesses such as diabetes, elevated blood fats, triglycerides, and high blood pressure- the concept of a “poly-pill”.

So confident were the researchers that they had finally discovered a cure, they predicted an 80% decrease in these afflictions of chronic illness.

They were very wrong. Not only did the pills make very little change in these conditions, but failed miserably compared to the dramatic results associated with lifestyle modifications.

So score another point for being one’s healthcare provider, and healthy lifestyle modifications.

I rarely tell people what to do, but I’m telling each of you to get David Seaman’s The Deflame Diet book, read it, and apply it as best one can, AND join us on what I think will be the last Thursday of each month at the PARAGON CHIROPRACTIC BOOK CLUB where we’ll discuss several healthcare books and topics, beginning with The Deflame Diet, and work to put the controls of one’s destiny back into their own hands- where they should have remained all along!

Okay, so the next blog/vlog will discuss a few more reasons why one will most definitely want to be his healthcare provider!

Until then…,

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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