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Andria Adair
Andria Adair
October 21, 2022.
I always have the best experience here. Very relaxed atmosphere and they really take the time to address your needs.
Grazia Lanciano
Grazia Lanciano
October 16, 2022.
Diane is a great doctor
Ruth Gomez
Ruth Gomez
September 10, 2022.
Very customer service friendly, welcoming staff
Scott Helms
Scott Helms
July 9, 2022.
I have been going to Paragon for years. Both Dr. Dianne and Dr. Dave are truly excellent. They take the time to explain what the back issues I’m having are, and what to do and what not to do to help it heal. I recommend Paragon Chiropractic to every friend who has ever said they are looking for a good chiropractor. Worth every penny!
Jo Van Loo
Jo Van Loo
June 29, 2022.
This is a family run chiropractic office.I feel they are comprehensive and encouraging.
DeWitt Kavanagh
DeWitt Kavanagh
June 14, 2022.
In 3 quick weeks, Dr. Abby has helped me with my plantar fasciitis, fixed my shoulder pain and hooked me up with a great pair of orthotics. (Note - I've had to use orthotics for many years. These are by far the best.). Excellent all around.
Emily Bruso
Emily Bruso
May 31, 2022.
Dr. Abby is wonderful with children (and adults too). She has adjusted my two kiddos for a few months now. She has steadily built trust and educates them on their own body’s resilience as well. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is amazing! She has even helped identify the root of some chronic issues I’ve dealt with for years. We love Dr. Abby ❤️
Dr. Marilyn Wells, D.O., Former Suns team physician

“I started seeing Dr. Abby at Paragon over a year ago with chronic neck and hip pain due to car accidents and a fall. I began improving immediately and have felt better over the last year than I have in a very long time! Their office and staff are like an oasis of healing in the desert that passes for health care these days…I can’t recommend them highly enough!

James N. - Always Leave Feeling Much Better

“Overall one of the best chiropractic visits/experiences I have ever had. Dr. Diane and Dr. David listen to my problems/concerns and help me find a natural way to fix my issues. I enjoy going to see them on each visit, and always leave feeling much better.”

Robin Kealoha - I Slept Well and Awoke this Morning Quite Refreshed

“I loved it! Simple to find, available parking, easy entrance, soothing environment, friendly staff, focused and efficient. My Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy / PiezoWave treatment for my shoulder (first time ever!) was explained thoroughly to me and administered gently – my chiropractic adjustment was great! Afterwards a nearby cafe was pointed out to me I had a delicious late breakfast as well. I feel SO much better, thank you. Last night I slept well and awoke this morning quite refreshed. I’ll see you again very soon!”

Natasha R. - They Always Honor a High Level of Ethics

“There are none better to be found than Dr. Dave and Dr . Diane. Both have exceptional extended training in advanced areas of many health modalities, making them an invaluable source for assisting patients meet their health and well being goals. And if a patient has a health anomaly that they do not treat, they go out of their way to give sound guidance and other recommendations that specialize in their field of health concerns. Additionally, they always honor a high level of ethics and positive customer service. I am very grateful to know them, and so appreciate the benefits Dr. Dave has contributed to meeting health goals unknown to others in this professional arena.”

Brenda D. - You Feel Comfortable

“Dr Dave and Dr Dianne have always been very caring and to the point of their taking care of my needs. The office staff are friendly as well, make you feel comfortable and not uneasy walking into their office.”

Diane C. - Very Sweet and Caring

“Very impressed by these professionals! They are very sweet and caring. I definitely recommend!”

John H. - Help You Make Choices for Your Long Term Health

“Excellent treatment with people who care about you as a person. Interested in your long term health and not only treat your ailment but help you make choices for your long term health. Doctor’s Dave and Diane are the best!”

Marlenne H. - No More Pain at All

“I am very pleased with my visit. No more pain at all. I have no more concerns, knowing that I have some tools to help the body. The nutrition program is very helpful.”

Michael G. - Such a Big Help with Everything

“I so much appreciate all the help and concern everyone there shows. Such a big help with everything I’ve been going through since my accident. Thank you!!!”

James A. - Such a Big Help with Everything

“The office was professionally arranged and well organized. Very comfortable and welcoming. Staff was professional and organized. Dr. Krieger was well experienced and professional. Great experience and will return.”

Susan G. - Terrific Chiropractic Care

“The entire staff is great! They greet you by name, provide terrific chiropractic care and are able to suggest additional wellness care through their vitamins, etc.”

James C. - Felt Better After 3 Days

“Had lower back pain from an injury a week ago. I went twice, one with ultra sound adjustment and ice treatment. I was given NutraDisc; an anti-inflammatory supplement. Felt better after 3 days. Went back and with one more adjustment I was cleared to golf! Thank you!”

Dawn L. - They Go Above and Beyond to Help You Feel Better

“I have RA and Dr Dave keeps my body mechanics working. They go above and beyond to help you feel better with physical therapy, supplements, advice etc. I have been going to them for over 4 years and seen such a vast improvement.”

Don R. - Minimal Wait Times for Being Seen

“My visits were great starting with the front desk; Madison and Abby. Then very comfortable setting and minimal wait times for being seen. Therapy and bed side manner on all is very refreshing!!!! Feeling much better after 1 week (3 visits) and home therapy suggested. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Dave or Dr. Diane.”

Virginia V. - Dr Diane is Amazing. Helps with “After the Fact” Problems

“My visit was very helpful for me. The front office staff was friendly and courteous beautiful smiles. Austin is very gentle yet effective. Did not mind answering questions and was very thorough. Dr Diane is amazing. Helps with “after the fact” problems. Does not rush, which is very important to me. Explained what she was going to do and why before she started treatment. That is a big plus.”

Catherine T. - Dr David Knew Exactly What was Causing My Lower Back Pain

“I was so impressed with how Dr David knew exactly what was causing my lower back pain, and he took the time to explain it to me so that I could understand exactly what was going on.”

James G. - Feel Like I am Visiting Family

“Every visit is fun, doctors and staff more than helpful. I feel like I am visiting family!!”

L.T. - Feel Like I am Visiting Family

“I am so pleased with the care my body gets from Paragon! I found Paragon several years ago and I am so glad I did! An adjustment with Dr Dave and Dr. Diane is not just a back and neck cracking because my muscles get stretched and softened, too. They both like to share information and I always learn something new about physiology and their adjustment strategy. I love that! Austin does a fabulous job with their special machines, too. From plantar fasciitis to my sore artist’s arm, they have made everything better and keep me functioning. Thanks!”

David R. - 48 lbs Gone from 44 Pants to 36

“I’m a huge fan of Dr. Welch and Dr. Krieger at Paragon Chiropractic. In late ’08 I was referred to them by the owner of the company I work for who has used their service for years. I had a back issue from yard work and was in a fair amount of pain. Dr. Welch had the problem squared away in just a few weeks plus showed me a couple of easy to do stretches to ensure the problem did not come back. Additionally, he showed me a simple stretch that eliminated a painful sensation in raising my arm over my head that I had lived with for years. At the time I was 45 years old, working pretty much 7 days a week, wasn’t exercising or eating properly and weighed 230 pounds. I was looking for a way to get healthier and lose weight. Dr. Krieger discussed their nutrition program and it was precisely what I had been looking for. I am thrilled with the results- 48 lbs gone- from 44″ pants to 36″ and equally impressive positive movement in my triglycerides and cholesterol levels. I highly recommend the Team at Paragon Chiropractic.”

Barry F.

“Dr. Dave has made my life and back so much better, we see each other every 2 weeks-he has changed my daily exercise program, which shows me health and happiness.”

Tina W.
“Paragon Chiropractic keeps me on my wellness path. I have had several issues in the past, not all related to my spine or bones or so I thought. But as I have since found out from this team of wonderful practitioners my health depends upon a solid foundation which includes my bones. I have been through, in my 74 years, illnesses, not limited to physical only, but emotional, mental and spiritual conflicts. Today I know that those pillars of health are all connected and very important to my well being. Exercise, nutrition, sleep and contemplation. With Paragon’s guidance adjustments and treatments and the help from very caring practitioners Dr. Dave, Dr Diane, Austin, Dr. Abby and Anderson I am LIVING the best life! A healthy life with a positive ATTITUDE!
A side note, I have referred several friends and not one has been disappointed! It’s that kind of place. They do care and are genuine! This is real wellness.”