Alright, and Welcome Back, Blogger Fans!


So what did you think about the last blog? In case you missed it, you can read about it HERE. It really isn’t the body that makes you well or ill- it’s YOU! Well, that thing that is the real you-  the soul, spirit, life energy, Innate Intelligence- whatever you would like to call it.


People have the idea that the body heals itself. Yes, it has all of the mechanics to do so, but the thoughts and considerations of the Innate Intelligence are senior to any of the body’s mechanics. Look at it this way:


The body is a survival machine- it has all the abilities to stay well, correct itself, heal, recover, procreate… it is not designed to fail. So why doesn’t everyone heal in a reasonable amount of time, or not get sick at all if the body’s healing mechanics are in charge?  There must be some other factor involved that can override the body’s innate abilities to survive, and that is you- the Innate Intelligence, the soul, the spirit, the life energy….


So what you think, how you look at life, the joy or misery you get from your lifestyle ALL influence your ability to stay well and heal and recover when you aren’t


The magic of you is not the body- IT”S YOU! So healing and life itself are a spiritual thing, and anything that improves the abilities of that spirit improves the quality of life for not only oneself but for all others and the planet, too. This is what I mean by how amazing we all really are. Each of us creates the life and the livingness that we know.


In the next blog, I’ll talk about the reward for living and the thing that makes this universe work, and how you and chiropractic can really make a difference!