The Importance of Taking Care of You With Self Care


If you have been following my blogs you might have noticed that they all have a common theme- they emphasize and encourage self-care and the idea that you, that’s right I said you Mr. and Mrs. America and all ships at sea are the only health care provider who can truly provide you with health care.


Think about it. I know this is kind of a strange concept because we have been pushed through life with the hope that science and medicine will have a cure for us when our number is called, never realizing that it is the life one leads, and one’s livingness that keeps each of us healthy and alive. This is self-care.  This is health care.


In future blogs  I will discuss the effects of inflammation on your body, and how research is showing that uncontrolled, low grade, chronic inflammation is the cause for almost every disease, disorder and major health crisis from heart disease and stroke, to dementia and Alzheimer’s, to diabetes and cancer. Did I miss anything?


Controlling this low grade, chronic inflammation is the key to wellness and good health… I will share later!


And while the concept of self-care might seem like some new-fangled idea, it is gaining traction.


A recent poll revealed that 77% of patients are interested in discussing self-care strategies with their health care providers. From this group, 75% reported that over the past 2 years their doctors never talked to them about how they could care for themselves.


This same poll defined self-care as lifestyle changes, that is healthy diets, regular exercise, stress management, and other alternatives to conventional medical treatments.


Here’s the kicker, and maybe the root of the whole problem, in this same poll it was discovered that medical doctors said their patients are not interested in self-care! Most claimed they would like to talk to patients about the importance of self-care but really were not confident in doing so.


What’s really interesting is that athletic apparel company Lululemon found that more than 8 out of 10 people do not consider wellness a fad, but rather a way of life- a lifestyle. Those surveyed were looking to achieve a balance between body and mind in the upcoming year 2019. Did you make it?


The thing to really understand is that wellness is NOT a state of beingness, it is something that is worked on each and every day. It is a lifestyle, or a way of living, putting yourself in the best position to win. One is not simply well, one lives a life that keeps him or her well, and should you get sick or have trouble, your lifestyle is what will pull you through.


I have said this in earlier blogs, but your lifestyle, your relations, your job, your family, friends, hobbies- all of this comes together and it charges your batteries, you are creating the life that you are living, not merely going along for the ride. Do you drive your car, or does it drive you? ( I won’t be able to ask that question in a few more years!)


Self-care is not about fixing what’s wrong or trying to dig yourself out of some health pit all the time only to return when you quit digging. This is crisis management and the focus of the medical profession.  Self-care is about emphasizing those things that you enjoy in life and doing more.  You can see the difference- crisis management, or improving your ability to enjoy and get the most out of life. I’m obviously advocating the latter- self-care, but certainly, recognize the importance of crisis management. Self-care is not ignoring a crisis and hoping it will go away with a few vitamins or adjustments. It’s about improving your ability to prosper and live. Life-saving is life-saving, and life creation is life creation- they are not the same thing.


At any rate, I found this article interesting and it can be found in the November issue of Dynamic Chiropractic if you want more facts and figures.  It’s online.


Paragon Chiropractic came to life in October of 1990, and was built on the idea of self-care, and helping patients to live happier, fuller and healthier lives. Patients are always encouraged to find their way and discover what works best for them, and DO IT!!! The cure for sickness and death really is health and living!  You should give it a try- push in the direction of living and creating more life and see how you feel! Not trying to save a life, but creating more. There is a huge difference, and you are only limited by your imagination, and are no longer bound by the hope that science will be able to save you! You can save yourself by creating more of yourself.


It is truly my hope that these blogs and videos inspire you to pursue life and living, and not focus on sickness and preventing illness. Again, life is the antidote for what ails you. How can I create more life?  That’s the question and the focus. It will truly make you well.


Take Care,


Dr. Dave