Hello Again!

In my humble opinion, and without prejudice – if you are a relatively healthy person, then you are the best health care provider you will ever have.

Study after study is showing that chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases are caused by the foods you eat (or don’t eat), the types and amounts of exercise a person performs, and their overall attitude toward life and others.

Since these behaviors are health care, then you are the best health care provider you’ve got! You can control what you eat, how you sleep, the exercises you do and the people you associate with.

So why don’t you?

I’ve never met anyone who wanted to be chronically ill, and yet it is something they can mitigate or even prevent through their lifestyle.

Easy, right?

Apparently not when you look at the number of people whose lives are ended by these illnesses. It is staggering.

This is not to say that most people aren’t trying to be healthy- they are, but most have no idea what to do, or if they do, many are doing more harm than good. The average guy just isn’t good at doing healthy!

Rodney Dangerfield once said that his problem was that he appealed to anyone who could do him no good! I think this goes for most who are looking for guidance toward a healthier and happier life.

As I’ve said, the best person for this is you…, ULTIMATELY, it will be you, but for now, you are going to need help to get to the point where the controls can be put back into your hands.

So a person is going to need resources, personnel, and services that he or she can trust and rely upon.

But wow, this sounds expensive. Even though the average cat works harder than most athletes and celebrities, he just doesn’t have the kind of dough these stars have.

But wait for a second, I have an idea!

Why not use chiropractic as the mainstay of your health and wellness team?

Recent studies, that I can specifically cite if you are interested, are showing that chiropractic care, specifically adjusting the first cervical vertebra in your neck can produce a marked and sustained reduction in blood pressure and do so similar to the use of a 2-drug combination therapy prescribed by medical doctors.

Another study discovered that surgery was less likely if a Doctor of Chiropractic was seen first.  This study showed that,

“Approximately 42.7% of workers who first saw a surgeon had surgery, in contrast to only 1.5% of those who saw a chiropractor.”

Additional studies have shown that even asymptomatic persons benefit from chiropractic care, and more to the point, comprehensive wellness programs that are implemented with chiropractic care are extremely beneficial. In the study,

“Chiropractors focused on diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, and one on one coaching. Spinal manipulation was used in all cases, not solely for the treatment of neuromuscular pain syndromes, but that misalignment and/or abnormal movement of the vertebral units may compromise neural integrity and may influence organ system functions and general health and well being.

In light of these studies, and many more like them, it appears that the most important person to a health and wellness team (besides the individual himself) would be a chiropractor who can manipulate the spine and joints, and coach patients to healthier lifestyles through exercise, diet, and preventative strategies that help patients stop harming themselves.

Now, where can you find such a chiropractic office?!? Hmmmmm….

Wait for a second, I just described Paragon Chiropractic and the last 35 years Dr. Dave and Dr. Diane have been in practice.

In the next blog, I will describe your Chiropractic Health and Wellness Team!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave