Hello and Happy New Year!

I thought I would continue the next series of blogs continuing to discuss the importance of creating a health and wellness team.

To borrow a construction analogy, while you are definitely the General Contractor when it comes to you and how you navigate through your life, you will only be as good as your sub-contractors, and how well you control them and get them to do the work you need them to do.

This week I thought I would highlight these points with a Vlog, and present living, breathing examples.

If you would, click on the link below and see what you think.

Dr. Dave’s Latest Vlog

I apologize for the old hippie-looking guy who will be talking to you, but if you could see how he imagines he looks,  well… so with that in mind, here’s Tom Selleck from the Magnum, P.I. days to talk about Paragon Chiropractic and welcome to our VLOG!