Hello Again!

So I think you are getting the idea that there is no specific answer to how often.

If a person is in pain, then right now.

If they are having restrictions and limitations, then right now.

But what if they just want to keep feeling good, and possibly avoid problems in the future. That’s a toughie!

As will be seen in the blogs that follow there are soooooo many things a person can do to keep feeling well, and doing well in life- many of which don’t necessarily require an appointment with Paragon Chiropractic.

Pay Attention To The Signs of Pain and Keep Track

The simplest answer is to pay attention to the signs and indicators to make sure you are staying on track and to know when you might be coming off the rails.

The most obvious is to take a look at your life and the environment around you, including other people. How’s it going? Are things going your way? Do you seem happy and motivated? Are your projects working out? Do you seem to be getting along with others? How do you feel? Is the body working, sleeping, eating, and eliminating?

Just take a look around. Pay attention to yourself and others. This would be the best indicator.

If things are heading your way, I would say that you are in good communication with others and the environment you find yourself in.

This means things are functioning correctly, and you should be feeling pretty good. Whatever you are doing, or not doing is working and you should continue with this. This might include chiropractic care with Paragon but this would be part of the winning formula that has things working out for you. If during this time you’ve been watching less T.V., not reading the newspaper, exercising more, drinking less, hanging out with friends, and getting adjustments each month- you will want to keep this up. IT’S WORKING-don’t stop!

Get the idea that your actions/non-actions are producing positive results.

On the other hand, if things aren’t working out for you, you seem tired, agitated, lonely, in pain- all the not-so-good things that would make you think you are NOT winning, it’s time to make some changes.

This is when most people make an appointment with our office because many of these out points result in pain of some type.

We always help and get the person flying again, but there are so many other things that need to change in their lives to keep soaring up near the ionosphere. We can help with this, too, and these services I am most proud of because you are helping yourself and others!

Unfortunately, some just get the adjustment, feel better, but do not make the lifestyle changes necessary to get winning again in life.

These lifestyle changes are absolutely vital to staying well and heading upward and onward!

So, what’s the difference between the person who is winning in life, and the person who seems to be struggling and not doing so well?

The person who is doing well is in good communication with those people and activities that support him and flow power to him, and he continues to do those things that help him win.

Get The Help You Need Immediately

The person who is not doing so well, if he once was, has disconnected, and is no longer in good communication with those people and activities that help him survive better in life. He needs to figure out what these were and use communication to get reconnected.

We see this all the time. A person quit getting good sleep, started watching the news, stopped exercising, resumed eating unhealthy food, and stopped doing the exercises we showed them- any number of things. He stopped doing what was working and started doing something else and BOOM- now he’s a mess. Pretty simple.

So, communication seems to be the magic elixir to doing well and living a healthy life, or not.

I’ve written a lot about communication in earlier blogs, and I would welcome you to go back and take a look.

How in communication can a person be? Living beyond the stars and heavens.

How out of communication can a person be? Dead.

That’s the scale. Push toward communicating and you are pushing toward life and livingness. Stop communicating and you are driving toward, well… the opposite of being alive and living. Please contact us today to see how we can help!

Until Next Week,

Dr. Dave