Well, let’s see if we can wrap this up!

Start Communicating

I’m hoping that you are getting the points. If things are going right, start communicating, get back into the joy of living and being alive. This is the energy that created you and will heal you, and your actions and livingness create this energy.

This being said, part of that communication process can be (and should be in my opinion) staying connected with Paragon Chiropractic.

Any doctor you see for anything, whether they acknowledge your innate healing and living energy, or not, relies upon this innate energy wholly when you see that doctor for care. It wasn’t the pills or the surgery or the exercises or even the adjustments that healed you – they only helped your own native abilities.

Many times patients hope that I can look at them and see if they are doing well or not. I can, but a person really needs to ask themselves that question by looking at how well their life is going and how well the people around them are doing. This is the best indicator.

To understand what I am looking at is to understand the difference between structure and function.

Patients want me to look at their structure and tell them if they are good or not. It doesn’t work that way because function dictates structure, and so we are once again looking at how well you are functioning in life, right?

I want to know how they are sleeping, eating, eliminating, recovering from their activities of daily living, and how are they getting along with others?

A person can have a perfect spine and posture and still feel awful and be doing poorly in life. It’s a function, not structure.

This is why we don’t X-ray every patient or order tons of tests, or really examine structure (unless the structure is obvious like a broken bone or something).

Recent studies are showing that X-ray and MRI findings while at times unnerving are usually nothing more than normal wear and tear and rarely are the cause of a person’s pain.

We don’t really have any tests or diagnostic tools to speak of.

The Paragon Philosophy

Instead, we ask you to move your body a certain way and watch what happens. There is a way it is supposed to work, and if it doesn’t we know we are looking at a dysfunction.

As the body is a total system, any dysfunction anywhere is indicative of dysfunction of the body as a whole. From there we can search for a source, or just make what we found work better- improving the overall function of the body. (This will be another blog for another day!)

One of the downsides of examining or rather focusing upon structure is that very little can be done about it.

Most doctors call it arthritis or old age and tell you that you have to live with it. Not so with function, because we can make it work more naturally, and improve function!

Most findings are compensatory or adaptations to the life you live.

We spoke about athleticism in an early blog. What you see in the mirror, whether you like it or not is not a problem to your body, but rather a solution to the life you live.

A person can spend all kinds of time and money trying to change these findings, but they really have to change their lifestyle and habits and routines and they will “grow” differently.

See that high hip or shoulder? It is an adaptation to what you do with the body all day. Go ahead and try to fix it- you won’t unless you change the function.

So all of the esoteric stuff about communication aside…,

“When should you come back?”

Paying Attention To Your Body

Just pay attention to how you function.

When you look in the mirror, is this what you had in mind?

When you look at the people around you and how things go for you, is this what you had in mind? Or is something off?

How do you feel after you eat? Do you eliminate well? Do you sleep well?

When you exercise, does it make you feel better, stronger, healthier or are you just sore and miserable? Some people actually measure the effectiveness of their exercise programs by how sore and achy they are. This is a good measurement for needing a new trainer or program!

With physical activity, if you experience pain, does it go away in 12 to 36 hours?

How much pain medication do you take to get through your day?

Are you in pain?

Did you know that the physical performance tests we perform in our office that if a test causes you pain, you failed the test? We don’t push you through- you’re done and need care.

To push through only trains dysfunction and pain into your daily activities. This was the topic of a number of earlier blogs.

Why would a person break his ass to make himself miserable, dysfunctional, and unhealthy? And yet, look around!

People seem to forget that eating well, exercising, sleeping, and living, in general, is supposed to make them feel good and happy.

If your lifestyle is not creating life, then this is the time to get back with Paragon Chiropractic or let us know.

Some people have included chiropractic care into one of the things they do to keep in communication and help things go well in their life.

Basically, you do know when it’s time to get back in to see us, and most tell us this. They thought it would go away, or they were too busy, or they thought they would wait until next month….

Paragon Chiropractic is simply a tool that you can use, a magic spell if you will, that is available to you so that you can keep on keeping on!

Still not sure when?

Give us a call, and we will do the rest!

Best Wishes, and Even Better Health and come in to see us!

Dr. Dave