Alright! Time for more in this series of “When Should I Come Back?”

So paying attention to oneself and others and the environment is a great start. Being in communication with others and the environment should keep one in good shape not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. The good shape would mean that you probably don’t need to come in for an appointment, but somehow we should still stay in communication. Ours is a relationship and we depend upon each other to keep things moving and grooving in the right direction to some degree.

The Importance of Continuing The Communication

See what I mean? Things are going well because you are in communication. A person would not want to disconnect or go out of communication from those people or things that flow power to them. Soon the person will not be doing so well.

This is the importance of using communication to maintain relationships. Other people are a great source of the life energy necessary to keep a person healthy and well.

I love hearing how our patients are doing. They are active, they are living and good things are happening for them. Who wouldn’t want to hear about people winning and making their dreams come true?

It is an amazing “medicine”, and it cures almost anything that ails a person or could ail a person. I know you’ve experienced this medicine. Something amazing happens when you see people achieve amazing things. I always get a little misty-eyed when I see or hear about someone overcoming challenges and winning big! Just go on YouTube and watch some kid win a contest, or perform a beautiful song. Amazing!

On the other hand, when things don’t seem to be clicking along, simple things seem a bit more of a struggle; and not just with your body. If you can’t recall the last time you were just plain excited and happy for someone accomplishing something amazing… somehow you might just be out of communication with someone- those people and groups who simply charge your batteries. Plug back in, and you’ll feel a sense of renewed wellness.

Watching Signs On How You Feel

In terms of one’s body, you know the signs… a little heartburn, restless sleep, agitation, stiff and sore, tired, activities you typically enjoy are kind of heavy and a drag…, this would be a good time to rekindle your relationship with Paragon Chiropractic with good, old fashion communication!

Yeah, I know. Most of these signs are subtle, but they really are signs nonetheless, and if a person recognizes them for what they are, and not just symptoms- he can keep things from continuing to slide downhill. This would be a good time to get back with Paragon Chiropractic.

Sometimes the signs have been brewing for a few weeks, but the person didn’t think much of them until they bent over to pet the dog, and BOOM! Disaster! This sign most do not miss!

So really the take-home message is, if things were going well for you in some aspect(s) of your life then you were receiving and flowing power back and forth between another person or persons and yourself, right? You are in communication.

When it appears that a person is out of communication this is one of the questions I ask,

“When were things last well? “

Well, if they were good and now they’re not… something changed. The patient either started to do something new that’s not beneficial, or possibly harmful, OR they stopped doing something that was actually working and helping them. This might include coming in for care.

Most will find that when they started to feel better they stopped doing the exercises we showed them, went back to poor sitting habits, started eating junk food again, stopped being in communication with those parties from whom they receive power- basically it’s like a person who lost a bunch of weight on a diet, went back to their old eating habits and routines and gained all the weight back. They disconnected from what was helping them and keeping them well.

It’s really that simple.

The best way to stay in alignment and feeling well is to stay connected to those people, groups, and organizations that flow your communication and power. This can be through adjustments, coming in for exercises or to discuss health concerns, reading blogs, and telling others… just stay connected and in communication. It’s what keeps Paragon alive and here for when you and your friends need us! To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave