Hello Again!

I apologize if it seems like I’m beating a dead horse, or wish I would just say, “Come in every two weeks!”

The Importance of Communicating

This idea about communication is kind of heavy and if you haven’t noticed things are pretty wacky out there in the “real” world.

In my opinion, too many people have been disconnected and are out of communication with the people and groups they rely on for love and support.

Out of communication?

Well then, you’re out of about, well, pretty much everything!

I thought I might discuss a few more things regarding relationships, communication, and how often a person needs to come back.

In terms of communication, did you realize that that is the magic of Paragon Chiropractic? It’s our ability to be in communication with you, and you with us. The adjustment itself is nothing more than communication-we open the lines in your body and the energy that heals the body flows and a person feels like they just spent a great afternoon hanging out with a dear friend!

So that’s the trick. As long as you are in communication with those around you and your environment-including your body, you are probably going to be doing alright. You will not only feel healthy and well, but you actually are!

It’s what the care you receive from Paragon Chiropractic does- you are back in communication with your body, you can now experience the world around you and participate, and you know you have an ally who is interested in helping you win your games!

Anyone who has been a patient in our office can attest to this- there is just something, and people do well. That something is being in communication.

It’s probably why people want to know how often to come back.

A couple of years ago our Receptionist Jen got treated in our office for injuries she had sustained. She was always so happy and loved being in our office and with us.

When I released her from care, she was rather sad and said that she would miss seeing us and being with us.

Long story short we fixed that problem and hired her as our Receptionist!

She is amazing, oh, and very easy to be in communication with!

Patients admire our kids who work with us- Austin, Dr. Abby, and Anderson- everyone commenting about how great they are, oh, and how easy it is to communicate with them. They are right there and willing to help.

This is The Paragon Chiropractic Magic

In terms of communication magic, here’s something to think about; is it the mechanics of sitting in a cubical at work typing away on the computer that makes you feel so stiff and sore, or is it the isolation, and being out of communication with the people around you and the environment that makes you feel stiff and sore?

How about these past several months working from home? Why do all of us feel so heavy and lost?

Or wearing a mask over your mouth so you can’t speak, be recognized, or even understood in most cases?

In my opinion, as the person starts to go out of communication and drift away from those people and services that support that individual, flow power to him and help him create his life, that good happy, healthy feeling starts to go off the rails. This is the time to get reconnected- whether it’s with friends, co-workers, family, church, clubs, groups, or even Paragon Chiropractic- start communicating.

Not sure where to start?

Give us a call- I know you will start to feel better!

Now here’s another interesting thought… what if you and Paragon Chiropractic stayed in communication- would this be the maintenance care, or even preventative care most are interested in?

Of course, I think so, that’s why I made the suggestion!

Communication. The communication of hands-on healing, the adjustments, and the friendship that is felt between the staff of Paragon Chiropractic and those who ask us for help each and every day.

So let me ask you, how often do you think you need to be back?

How often do you need to feel like you matter, in an environment where it is always okay for you to be you?

That’s how often you should be back.

You know, I probably can’t adopt you as one of my kids, and I probably can’t hire you all like Jen, but you are always welcome to just come in and talk- there is never any charge for friendship.

Next blog we’ll discuss what I see with patients and why maintaining communication and the doctor/patient relationship really is the best medicine! If you should have any questions, please contact us today!