Alright, and Welcome Back!

So how soon should a patient come back?

Maintaining Communication

We’ve talked about the importance of maintaining communication with oneself, others, and the environment one finds himself.

To me, there is a word for this… living!

This is why a person tries to be healthy, seeks health advice, or goes to see a doctor- THEY WANT TO LIVE!

From these communications, one develops relationships and a connection to the “energy” that animates life.

This is what most people are looking for, that connection to the source, even if they don’t realize it.

There are many concepts concerning the source, but for this blog, we are talking about that “thing” from which a person derives that energizing power that animates the people and world around him, including oneself.

To me, this IS the person himself. Heavy, I know!

But from where else would a person generate or get that energy if not from themselves and the connections and communication lines they have with others. It has to be self-generated. This believe it or not is basic chiropractic philosophy.

In chiropractic, the early practitioners spoke of Innate Intelligence. To them, this was the power that created the body, animated and healed the body and when it separated from the body, the body died.

Innate Intelligence is the soul, or spirit, or great animating force, but to me, it is the being or person himself. It is not the body or the mind, but it is who or what you really are. Again, heavy I know!

So you possess all that you need to create and maintain life, to heal and repair, to care for others, and to love.

When this energy is able to communicate with the body, with others and the world around it everything just gets better.

This is why a person would come to Paragon Chiropractic- to get better!

Just Live

See what I mean? LIVE!!!! LIVE!!!!!! LIVE!!!!!!! This is what makes you better, and keeps you healthy and alive.

So how often should you come back?

I suppose whenever things aren’t rolling your way, and you need to be reminded to LIVE!!!!!

Alright, that’s enough heaviness for now.

In the next blog, we’ll talk about more physical things and what we look at when you come to Paragon Chiropractic. Got questions, leave a comment or contact us today!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave