The Importance of Communication and Health

Hello, Again, and Welcome Back!

So it should be obvious that communication is the magic pill that cures a person of almost anything and animates the world in which he lives.

Without it, things can get very heavy and hopeless. I might direct your attention to these past several months. We as a group, as mankind is out of communication with each other, and all that we rely upon to not only survive but to thrive!

Understand, that by the communication I don’t mean sending texts or e-mails. A person is in there and active, talking, exchanging ideas, animating thoughts, and bringing people and the world around him to life. This is what a person is seeking when he thinks about health care.

I’ll show you.

Think about any great relationship you have experienced in your life.

Got one?

It was magic. You could talk to these people, they cared and you always felt more alive, happier and your problems seemed to shrink to a size that you could handle.

This is what I mean by being in communication. Communication is that life force that creates relationships, holds them together, helps them to grow and expand, and be productive.

This IS life and is essential to being and knowing you are alive.

This is how and why I used communication to differentiate between the person who was winning and kicking ass in life, and the person who wasn’t.  One is in communication, the other is not.

Let me show you.

Think of a time that you went out of communication with someone you relied upon or considered an ally or friend. Not necessarily fighting or anything bad, just you weren’t in communication with them for some reason.

How well did things go in your life after you went out of communication?

I’m willing to bet not so well.  Normal activities became difficult, your body probably hurt, and things just didn’t work out like they used to. Perhaps you experienced a few “disasters”.

These are the signs and symptoms a person uses to prompt a visit to the doctor or chiropractor searching for answers or solutions to their problems. Good luck as the problem is not your back or shoulder or neck or stomach… IT’S YOU!

Creating Healthy Relationships

While both can certainly help, it will only be getting in communication and creating a healthy, winning lifestyle that will get you to the promised land! This is the importance of building a health and wellness team.

But when you got back into communication with those people you needed to talk to… now that was magic!  To me, that is the difference between winning and doing well in life, or not.

Are you or are you not in communication? That’s the question, probably even more so than when should I come back to stay feeling good?

For a little exercise this week, take a look at your life, co-workers, friends/family, and relationships. Are these relationships heading in the right direction?

If not, who do you need to talk to, or rather get in communication with to get things back on the rails and winning?

Try it. It might be easy, or it might not, but either way, look to see if you don’t see a little sprout coming up out of the dirt- life! To learn more about this leave, Dr. Dave, a comment or contact us today!

Alright, until next week!

Dr. Dave