The Benefits of Being Positive


I would like to spend this blog discussing a very serious matter- so serious that it can make you sick, reduce years from your life and possibly put you into an early grave.


What could be that serious?


People, mostly adults, as they get older play less and less, and laugh even lesser and lesser!  Seriousness and a loss of the spirit of play are almost like a bullet to the brain. I wrote about the spirit of play in one of my first blogs. Check it out!


But Dr. Dave, how do we do this? See? Already getting serious and wigging out, aren’t you?


Just start laughing and think positively. Try it right now, just start to smile and laugh and look at all the awesome things in your life.


I can give you all the research and science behind this- in fact, it’s called Gelotology from the Greek Gelos meaning laughter.  But suffice it to say laughter reduces stress, increases endurance hormones like endorphins, reduces stress hormones like cortisol, reduces muscle tension, increases memory and cognitive functions boosts immune function, improves cardiovascular functions, and just plain makes you happier.


Think about it, who would you rather be around- some angry cuss who is always spun up in some kind of nonsense or someone who is able to laugh and play games?  They are finding that the more you look at things and are able to laugh the less serious they are, you look at life differently, you look at your stress and problems differently. Pretty amazing stuff!


I will certainly be writing more about this, but I encourage you to investigate laughter on the internet. Just type in laughter therapy, or don’t give a darn about any of it, and just start laughing! One of the best ways to do that is to wake up, think about all the good there is in life, think positively, and laugh as much as possible!
Good luck to you and let me know how it goes. Drop me a line in the comments or just start laughing, trust me we could all use more of it!