The Importance of Living In The Moment


Thanks again for following along. I hope I can give you something new to think about from time to time!

I thought I might talk about the importance of here. You know, right here and right now… here.

There must be something dreadfully horrible about here. If you listen to the news or read the paper, or look at your fellow man out walking around, it’s all really bad here- the world is ending, everyone is dying. I’m sure you’ve heard it all.  All this nonsense to get you to get yourself out of here and now.

People are drinking more, and taking more and more drugs to get away from here. They’re spending more and more time on cell phones and electronics and walking around with headphones.

Kids come to my office with their parents. They walk in staring at an electronic device, spend the whole time staring at the device- never looking up, saying “Hi!” or anything, and then walk out staring at the same device.

Even when the parent tries to talk to the kid, he never answers, never engages… he just sits there staring- hypnotized, de-humanizing the world around him. Not every kid, but some.

People seem to have this idea that here and now is someplace terrible, and they need to get out of well, here.

But get away to where?

If one were to truly get away, he would have to create the place or location or environment that he was getting away to, or else there would be nothing. Well, there would be, but it would just be more of the here he was trying to get away from!

Why Being Here is So Important

So what’s wrong with here?

For as horrible as we are told here is, there is no other place that you are, and in fact, it is the calmest, most peaceful, and happiest place truth be known. There is nothing there but here!

If you are truly here and seeing what is, and not pulling in the garbage from your brain, or what others are saying or doing, but just being here comfortably, there is only here and the beauty of here and now.  Perhaps this is what people are trying to do with yoga and meditation.

I remember a number of years ago trying to sit in one place and not think a single thought. It was pretty cool until thoughts came into view.

But what are these thoughts, and pictures, and memories? Really? They are nothing more than the past- things that happened or you thought happened. They really aren’t here, but you brought them here, and nowhere really isn’t that cool. It was right up until you cluttered it with crap!

This can cause stress and pain, unhappiness, recollections of losses, worries- many different things that sully here and now- the place you are.

Here’s a thought. What do you think cell phones and electronic devices, and news programs and social media, and movies and television do?

That’s right! They ruin the serenity of here and now, making you believe that this garbage is really here and now, but it isn’t.

Here and now is well, right here and right now and that is you!

If you would like to know more about this woo-woo stuff, I’d be happy to talk to you. Please let me know.

In the meantime, put down the phones and the electronics and the nonsense and look- just look at the space you find yourself in.

It really isn’t bad at all!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave