Hello and Welcome Back!

So, are you ready to take back a little more control?

I’m guessing, YES!

In the previous blog, I wrote about healthy people generally being healthy and unhealthy people being unhealthy.

Now when thinking of health one must always consider not only physical health but mental and spiritual health as well.

At the time of the Corona Virus, I would say that Mankind was not very healthy physically, mentally, or spiritually on average.

Without getting into a lot of details, people generally disliked, even hated other people. The shootings in Chicago, all of the political nonsense, the number of cases of depression, and the ever-increasing number of obesity cases and associated cardio-vascular incidents and diabetes….

You get the idea, John and Jane Q. Public and their 2.8 kids were not doing well prior to the pandemic.

In the case of COVID 19, studies showed that the worst outcomes were amongst those who were obese, and diabetic, and all of the other chronic illnesses, and I would add in poor mental and spiritual health as well

A person had to be sick to get sick.

Mentally and spiritually most were not sound.

For my entire life, Mankind has been at war with Mankind.  Whether through armed conflicts, or blacks vs. whites, women vs. men, straight vs. gay, liberals vs. conservatives, rich vs. poor…. It’s all rather boring and is unhealthy- the kind of unhealthy that makes each of us susceptible to disease, sickness, and death.

In my opinion, it is not natural for one human being to want to kill another human being. For this to occur, one would have to de-humanize some sector of his fellow man, reduce him to a God-less animal making it okay to kill or harm him.

I know that is very heavy and you may or may not agree with me, but that’s what it would take. In every war, each opposing army has God on its side, God saying, “Love your fellow man!”  And yet, here they are killing each other. Something set these humans against each other.

While there are many reasons for this, I have come across an interesting discovery made by L. Ron Hubbard and it’s called The Third Party Law.

Simply put, for me to hate you, and you to hate me there has to be a third party unknown to us both pitting us against each other.

This third party uses lies and deception, apocalyptic hysteria, blame… well, pretty much all the crap we see on television, social media, and the news to get one party to fight with another party, and usually to the demise of the first two parties and the benefit of the third party.

To handle this, the “feuding” parties need only communicate with each other:

First-person: “I heard you called me a dirty dog!”

Second person: “I never said that. Who told you that?”

First-person: “Bill Smith!”

Second person: “Well I heard you don’t like my hairdo!”

First-person” “I never said that. I like your hair! Who told you that?”

Second person:  “Bill Smith!”

If people would just stop trying to kill each other long enough to have a conversation and find out what’s going on, they would discover that Bill Smith is the third party, and more than likely will benefit from the first two parties going after each other’ throats!

Having discovered the third party, the first and second persons above will be friends again, and as for Bill Smith… he can go to hell!

Consider this: Could the media and your cell phone be the third party?

Could much of your depression, weight gain, poor health and unhappiness, and all the stuff that could be making you susceptible to poor health, unhappiness, and disease be caused by all of the crap you hear all day on T.V., your cell phone, and computer?

Kill your T.V., burn the newspapers and throw your cell phone in the trash, or something like this to some degree, and see how you are doing, and what the world around you really looks like!

You should try this sometime and find out things really aren’t that bad and get healthy again. We’re going to need to be because the “Bill Smiths” in this world aren’t going to stop!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave