You know, for as long as I can remember I have always been different, or so I was told. I looked different, thought differently, and acted much differently than my peers and others around me.

I’m sure many of you have noticed the same things about yourselves.

There is really nothing wrong with this and in fact, you are unique… there is only one of you!

But all of this media nonsense can make people feel alienated like they are the only ones. I’m sure you’ve felt like a stranger in a strange land in your own community. I know I have. This is not good and can lead to a number of very unhealthy lifestyles, and attitudes- the kind that can lead to poor mental, spiritual and physical health or worse.

One really need only look at others and talk with them to see they aren’t alone, and clear their heads of all the crap they’ve heard and watched on the news and social media.

To me, this is very important, because it would be difficult to want to harm or ill-wish someone you considered to be like yourself. In fact, you would probably start rooting for them as they go through life.

What if reporters, journalists, and all of the pundits on social media took the time to look at life through the eyes of those who are living it, instead of telling me who I should hate and want dead? Could they still write or report what they do? Could they still want the end of the world for you and me?

It would take a particularly despicable piece of garbage to know John and Jane Q. Public, see their struggles and still try to destroy them in the media.

For as cool as Social Media can be, it does give a platform to many who would otherwise be talking to the walls in their mothers’ basements until they just rotted away.

It only looks like everybody hates everybody. This simply is not true.

Many years ago my son Austin was in the Boy Scouts.

Each week there were meetings- the boys worked on their badges and the dads stood around talking about life and the world around them.

I can’t tell you how floored I was while listening to find they had all the same worries and concerns as I did! I thought it was only me!

I tell you this story because I think it is very easy to feel that the world around us has gone insane and that we are the only ones who think like we do, and believe the way we do.

I can assure you, we are not alone and in fact, are in the majority. We simply don’t have a voice, at least for now.

Most will never know of or read my blogs. They are very simple and talk about how the path to health and happiness goes right through the lives of those you love and care about, and those that you would love and care about if you knew them!

No doom, no gloom, no apocalyptic hysteria, you are not wrong for being you, and you are free to live the life that makes you happiest as far as I’m concerned.

How boring! (LOL)

It’s a good world with good people, but you’ll have to discover that yourself, and that should be a lot of fun!!!

Please let me know where you are headed, and what you find!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave