I hope everyone is enjoying these blogs.

Health and wellness are not always about fixing things all the time, but more importantly not causing problems in the first place.

Who would want a health issue that could have easily been avoided?

At Paragon Chiropractic we are very good at correction, but in my opinion even better at prevention or at least self-management strategies.

Sometimes a person is going to get muddy and dirty, but if you show that person how to avoid much of the mud and dirt, and then how to shower and do laundry, well… they are on their way!

I remember when I was about 6 years old my dad taught me how to tie my shoelaces. Because of my newfound abilities, my friends and I could run barefoot all around the yard, and then I could simply tie everyone’s shoes back up and no one was the wiser. We probably would have gotten away with it if we cleaned our feet first before putting our socks and shoes on! I finally realized how my mom knew!

But now that I could do for myself and others, I experienced a new sense of freedom, one that 53 years later I still remember!

At Paragon Chiropractic the emphasis of our care is directed toward keeping the show on the road, as it were. Yes, we can eliminate pain and improve function, but it is so much easier when the person has something he or she is trying to do or someplace they are trying to get to other than just taking care of a body. Eventually, that body will fall apart and let you down, but in the meantime… WOW!!!!! Have a blast!

Paragon Chiropractic is very good at helping you keep your show heading down the road and in the direction you want it to go.

As I tell patients, the only reason I’m at the office every day is that I own the place! I too have a show and a road and dreams that I would like to make come true.

Please let us know. I’m sure we can help!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave