Alright, Alright, Alright!

That’s for my son, Austin who since growing his hair out everyone thinks looks like Matthew McConaughey!

And you know, he kind of does!

I hope you have been enjoying these blogs and getting the idea that there is much, much more to health and wellness than just taking care of a body!

In fact, regardless of how much time and effort a person puts into preservation, how many times he sat on the bench for another day… one day the body will fall apart and let you down.

So the ambition is not to save it, and leave a good-looking corpse, but rather use the heck out the body and wind up a ratty, broken down, old curmudgeon like me!

So those of you who thought I was holding myself up as the perfect example of what my blogs are about… I guess you are right!

Believe it or not, the body does best being used, and I mean really used, and to me, this is the secret to getting the most miles out of the body, and life- live and use it!

One of my big ambitions is to ride a motorcycle to the tip of South America! Wow, that would be amazing.

I don’t know if I’ll do it. I always seem to come up with another amazing adventure I would love to do as much, if not more, but someday, maybe!

It really doesn’t matter if I do, or if I don’t, to be honest, because I know I am on a great journey now.

Ultimately, it’s about getting the most out of what you’ve got and being able to create more when you want to.

The ambition is to have the time of your life, even with all the ups and downs, and hopefully arrive. But, the arriving part isn’t as important as the journey itself.

But can you imagine the toll such an adventure of riding a motorcycle to Terra Del Fuego would have on your body, and the motorcycle itself? Can you imagine the stories, and experiences and the narrow escapes, and the beautiful vistas, and the once in lifetimes…, WOW!

I tell you this because many times each day I hear patients lamenting that they are getting older, and, “they aren’t in their 20’s anymore!”

That’s right, but when you were in your 20’s you hadn’t experienced all of the amazing things that you now call your life!

I think of the people I’ve met, the lives I’ve helped, watching my kids grow, being with Dr. Diane…, I didn’t do that in my 20’s. Amazing!

But thinking in terms of a great adventure, one has to ask himself, what was the ambition of the adventure?

Go through all of this stuff and arrive at the same person who set out 30 or 40 years ago? Why go? You’re already there!

If a person does ride to the tip of South America, was the ambition to arrive with a factory-perfect, BMW Adventure bike?

All of those dents and scratches, and I’m not talking about the bike are stories… your life, your adventure stories.

Think of all that you would see, all that you would do, all that you would experience, and you would limit that, or not even participate for fear of messing up your motorcycle, or getting older?

Would you really trade all that you’ve done, and all of the memories, and all of the wins and all of the losses, to go back to a day you only think was better than today?

Life is motion, and bodies, minds, and spirits do the best moving, not occupying some space until the Grim Reaper says, “Let’s Go!”

We have to move. Someone is waiting to raise their family in the house you raised yours, someone desperately needs the dream job or promotion you earned 20 years ago. It’s their turn, just like it was your turn 20 or more years ago.

And it’s your turn to move up and onto the next big adventure!

Paragon Chiropractic can really help keep you in motion as you live the time of your life! Just let us know!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave