Hello, and Welcome Back!

The last blog started to get too long, so I made it a two-parter- hopefully, only a two-parter!

Life is challenging, and in my opinion, the challenging part is knowing that it probably ISN’T that challenging and the real challenge lies in trying to make it challenging- that being life!

How simple is it to simply live and get along with others? Not that difficult, but we sure make it so.

One gets the idea that life is this constant struggle to survive, and in all honesty, it’s really the only thing a person can do… survive!

Look how hard some people work at trying to live, and to make a living, and quite honestly nothing could be easier because you, that thing that is aware of being alive are alive and will always be alive. Even if you think you are dead, something is still alive enough to think you are dead!

Yeah, I know… enough woo-woo stuff, but know this- the factors of life and living will be as challenging and/or rewarding/fulfilling, OR NOT, as you make them out to be. Who and what will be your obstacles, and what will be your prize when you prove victorious? It’s your call!

There are those who say that you can’t, you mustn’t, you must give in, you must do as you are told, lie down and play dead…, you’ve heard all the nonsense before.

One can listen to these people and agree that they are the barriers and obstacles to their life’s work and pursuit of happiness.

Or one can disagree and find their own barriers and obstacles to their life’s work and pursuit of happiness.

Those who would tell you to quit, and be afraid are themselves very afraid, very, very afraid of you and the dangerousness you pose simply by not listening and doing as you are told.

One thinks these people who threaten and monger fear are powerful, and in control, but the moment one threatens, one is admitting that they are not in control and could not control anything if their very lives depended upon it. You almost have to keep propping them up to have something to fight back against. Very weak.

And many have put the likes of politicians, government stooges, the media, pharmaceutical companies, and all the idiotic bureaucracies
“in control”- NONSENSE!!!

Here are the points I’m trying to make:

Life is a constant struggle, a challenge each and every day as we keep creating ourselves, mocking ourselves up and putting ourselves, and this very planet here, simply for something to do and push back against!

And why not? What else would we do if not spend our entire lives proving to others and the world around us how difficult, and how hard it is to be us? Now there’s a fun game!

And there really isn’t anything wrong with struggling and fighting and pushing back, just know that you are the thing you are struggling and fighting and pushing back against!

Why not create your own barriers and obstacles instead of having some imbecile hand you a steaming pile of bullshit, and threatening you to make your life with it, OR ELSE!

Or else what?

Why don’t we ignore them, and create our own more rewarding and challenging barriers, obstacles, and most importantly, gifts for lives well lived?!?

I know I sound like William Wallace, but it is true. That you live and breathe and think and love and care and continue to prosper… is a huge problem to those who would want it otherwise.

If one looks at things, or perhaps even looks back to an earlier day they will discover that most of the people they have known have been loving, and caring people who supported them and held them up to reach higher and higher. Many, many people like this.

So why listen to, or pay attention to the small handful who have tried, and are still trying to this day to get you to think life is not worth living?

That’s a good question. Why not stop and remember those who have loved you and still love you today, and get busy making yourself the person you want to be, with the people you care about, on a planet that we can all enjoy?

Thanks for reading along!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave