Alright, Hello and Welcome Back!

Those last few blogs were kind of long, and so I appreciate you reading them, and I hope you found something in them to help you and others!

Here’s something to think about; let’s suppose that COVID- 19 is one of the top 10 deadliest diseases known to mankind- just behind cancers, heart disease, and tuberculosis, and in my opinion the number one killer of all time- Man and his ignorance!

But let’s suppose that it is.

How would you know? From where do you get your COVID information? And more importantly, where did those you are listening to, get their information?

What if COVID really is a very deadly virus, how can there be sooooo many different opinions and views… wear masks, don’t wear masks, now wear 3 masks, now one. Get vaccines and boosters, don’t get vaccines and boosters.

When asked most say, “Well, Science says!”

But how can there be so many differing opinions, especially for something that may or may not possess the ability to change the course of mankind for the rest of eternity?

Shouldn’t there be a “truth” of sorts about the virus itself and not all the hysteria about what’s going to happen to you if you don’t do as you are told?

I would think the most important thing would be to research and disseminate the truth about the virus itself, and in a manner that does not cause panic and hysteria.

It was Mark Twain who once said, “The truth must be served like a coat, and not thrown in the face like a wet towel.”

If one were to go back through the history of infectious diseases one would find a number of discoveries that were made from drinking clean water, and washing one’s hands that still prevent a great number of deaths to this day!

And while there are certainly more deadly diseases than the COVID-19 virus, we hear very little about them even though cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and tuberculosis will kill millions each year.

How is it that COVID-19 has made it to the top of the charts with a bullet?

I just finished reading a book by Bjorn Lomborg called, “False Alarm”.

In his book, Mr. Lomborg discusses climate change, but one could easily supplant COVID-19 when looking at the media’s role in propagating fear and a sense of impending, if not imminent doom.

One of the points he makes is that things are not as bad and hopeless as they are being portrayed. Yes, we have a lot of work to do, but we are not looking at the end of humanity as we are being told. The same can be said of COVID-19.

We really need to stop panicking and take a good look at what truly is. From here, many workable solutions reveal themselves.

In addition to this, many apocalyptic doomsday predictions never take into account man’s ability to understand and adapt- you know, make changes for the better.

In our office, we see many patients whose blood sugar and blood pressures are elevated to dangerous levels.

What do you think we tell them?

Certainly not, “Well, you are doomed, nothing can be done, and please go home before you die here and wreck our Google rating!”

HELL NO!!!!!!!!

We help them make lifestyle changes and they lose weight, the blood pressure and blood sugar levels decrease and they are healthy again.

We help people with kindness and compassion, and good usable advice that helps them do better in life and overcome potential disasters.

Even though these health concerns have a far greater potential for killing these people than COVID-19, we don’t treat them like pariahs and threaten them if they don’t do what we say.

That simply doesn’t help.

If people could do for themselves, they wouldn’t have the problems that they have. They just need kindness, compassion, and help and they will discover what works best for them and helps them the most.

We’ll talk more next time!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave