Hello, Again, and Welcome Back!

In the previous blog, I talked about Bjorn Lomborg and his book, “False Alarm”.

In the book, Mr. Lomborg notes that as of 2020, over half the population of earth now believes that climate change will, “extinguish humanity”.

I am not trying to argue any point either way about COVID-19 or climate change. You should do your own research and decide, but do very thorough research and not listen only to what Chicken Little has to say about the sky falling.

But what I am asking is how did over 3 and ½ billion people come to this opinion? Was it from attending International Symposiums on Climate Change? Was it from reading the actual studies written by the scientific community? Was it from their own scientific experiments and research?

Because had this been the case, they would not have come to such an apocalyptic conclusion- in fact, the actual literature is nowhere near as hopeless- meaning something can be done about it!

No, sadly most got what they know from the media, social media, and the latest gossip from the people around them who got their information from the media.

If you get a chance, you really should read, “False Alarm” and view for yourself all of the ends of the world headlines found in such “news” sources as Time Magazine, Newsweek, and many newspapers.

They have been predicting the end of mankind since the 1960s, and probably before that. I think they’ve pushed the end of the world back to 2030 or 2050… who knows but stay tuned- it’s coming soon!

If we are allowed to, which is a scary thought, there will be a number of books written and hopefully published concerning COVID-19, and we will see once again the media’s role in stirring up chaos, getting people to turn on each other, and pushing us into deeper and deeper into apathy so we won’t lift even one finger to help ourselves. Perhaps these books are available today. I don’t know, but I do know the media is the greatest enemy ever known to mankind and our future.

But from where do these outlets get these sensational headlines and apocalyptic reports? What kind of people would enjoy scaring the crap out of others, INCLUDING CHILDREN, and casting a hopeless doom on the future of mankind?

This is the big question, and the one I am begging each of you to ask yourself when you hear about, “the end”.

Know this: What you are hearing is a few snippets, a few keywords taken out of context much like a person cutting a few words and partial phrases from a reliable source and placing them in such a way as to create fear, hysteria and push people into dark and hopeless pits of despair.

In other words, the reports are sensationalized to elicit a particular type of response, and things are nowhere near as bad as you are being told.

The one key power that we all have, and mankind has demonstrated for millennia, is our ability to look at something, understand it and adapt.

This is an amazing power and has ranged from the discovery of life-saving medicines, to dams to prevent flooding, to automobile emission control to simply stop reading newspapers, following social media, and listening to news programs and talk radio.  All adaptations, lifestyle modifications.

I know, but where are we supposed to get our information?

Research the source, and decide for yourself. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on media sources.

But then ask yourself, how does being told all day long, every day that the world is ending and there’s nothing you can do except follow the lead of fools, hate as many people as you can, and if you get a chance possibly destroy others in some manner; how does this help anyone?

It doesn’t, and it was never meant to.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant, but it is a health and wellness blog, and quite honestly the best thing each of us can do to improve our overall health and wellness and create a better future for humanity is disconnect from all media- it’s killing us!

The media has over half the population of earth believing that we are on the verge of extinction. They call it science, but actual science is about finding better ways to survive, and testing those ways over and over and over until even better ways are discovered, and then those discoveries are tested over and over again until even better ways are discovered.

Science would never tell us to lie down and die, otherwise, we would already be extinct. We would have never learned and adapted to better ways to survive. The media on the other hand….

Best Wishes,

Dr. Dave