Here’s an interesting question for you, and one I asked my daughter Abigayle when she was about 4 years old,

“Where are you gonna live?”

See, at the time, Abby announced that when she got bigger she was going to get her ears “peered”, her nose “peered, and her belly button “peered” By “peered” she was trying to say, “pierced”.

“Oh yeah? Where are you going to live?”

Says Abby with that smile of hers,

“Right here with you!”

Well, I told her to look around and see that no one else was “peered”.

Abby thought about it and decided that she wouldn’t get “peered” when she got bigger and that she wanted to live with us.

Truth be known, Abby would always be able to live with us simply because, well… she is Abby and we love her more than anything!

I say this because Abby made the team, she got the job, she is and will always be one of us, and Abby is and will always be free to simply be Abby, and she will always be loved.

Fortunately, that which is Abby loves us, too and we are free to be us!

Now, my two sons Austin and Anderson… that’s a different story!

No, they are also free to live their lives and we will always love them, too.

But here’s the point, one cannot withdraw his allegiance, or love for another simply because someone says bad things about them.

We’ve all done things we are ashamed of and have felt unworthy of others’ love and friendship, but that was the time we needed it most. I was always fortunate to have those types of people around me who rather than choking the life out of me as I deserved, decided that they loved me and we would get through this.

This is where I’m gonna live! Or at least try to.

But where are you gonna live? And this is not directed at those who are being attacked, but rather those who are doing the attacking.

Do you want to live in a world where the media tells you to attack like a pack of jackals those things and people you love and care about?

A world where some miserable soul tries to cancel others, or destroy them in public?

Socrates once said,

“Strong minds discuss ideas,

Average minds discuss events,

Weak minds discuss people.”

It’s only a matter of time before we are all held naked in public and ridiculed and humiliated, while the weak-minded stand around laughing.  But they too will have their day.

And the best part, who will be left to love and understand them?

No one- anyone who could have helped, who could have offered compassion or love… they were all crushed while those who are now in need stood by and did nothing.

Is that what it will take, for everyone to be publicly shamed for being who and what they are? Uggggh!

We have a great opportunity to know others and walk a mile in their shoes, and for the sake of our health and well being I recommend we do this each day.

It would be very difficult to destroy someone you understand and have compassion for, or at least I think it would be impossible.

So, where are you gonna live?

Take Care,

Dr. Dave