If you haven’t gathered by now, I love quotes. They help me put things in perspective, and often times remind me of a quote from Abraham Lincoln where he stated something to the effect..,

“The thing to remember during times like these is that there

has always been times like these.”

History has a habit of repeating itself, and there probably is very little that is actually new per se.

If one is clever, he or she will learn from history and perhaps avoid a lot of the not-so-good things, or perhaps continue to do the things that are pretty cool.

Socrates once said,

“Smart people learn from everything and everyone,

Average people from their experiences,

Stupid people already have all the answers.”

One of the “things” behind a lot of this, in my opinion, is the need of some people to be right. Whatever the price, they must be right. Oftentimes their “rightness” is enforced only by beating others down and insisting upon their wrongnesses.

You know, let me show you how right I am, by trying to show everyone how wrong you are. Pretty dumb.

If a person looks back over time, he or she will certainly see times when this was the case, and possibly times when they were guilty of asserting their rightness regardless of the cost.

Again, Socrates once said,

“No man is capable of causing great evil without thinking he’s

doing the right thing.”

Oh, an argument with a neighbor over the best lawn fertilizer really isn’t that big of a deal, but when one thinks about the reach and influence of governments, policymakers, government agencies, universities, self-appointed authoritative bureaucracies, corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and the media- wow… a person can certainly understand why they feel sooooooo bad at those times when they feel bad. Or worse, when they do feel good and now they don’t so much anymore or don’t really care and become apathetic about life altogether. All of this can lead to poor health and wellness, and a detachment from others and life in general.

You, the author and creator of life, or at least the life you live and the role you play in others’ lives no longer want to play the game of life?!?

This is not good and will not end well, at least not for you and me, or any other decent person on this planet. By simply standing up and pushing back, continuing to flourish and prosper, and engaging in life and livingness, we become the antidote to all the craziness.

I really don’t have the answers, but I do know if we keep standing up every time we are knocked down, we will grow stronger and the pusher-downers will become apathetic and simply just go away.  They won’t be able to win their own stupid game of knocking you down… how sad!

Perhaps if one didn’t have to be right or win all of the time, he or she would be able to play many more games rather than strangling the life out of the only one they think they have. One can always change his or her mind and be, do or have something else. Magic!

Maybe the best way to really win or be right is to allow others to win and be right. Just a thought.

I would love to know what you think, so please feel free to comment below, email me, or stop by the office.

In my humble opinion, when two or more people exchange ideas and just talk- that is the beginning of all that is possible, perhaps the possibility of all that is impossible, and this to me is the beginning of life.

Who knows, you just might be right!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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