I hope you enjoyed that last blog, or at the very least it gave you something to look at and think about.

It’s an interesting thought to consider the possibility that the being himself; mind, body, spirit- possesses all of the machinery that will determine success or failure with any endeavor, or perhaps with the living of life itself.

Without getting into another long-winded dissertation…, let us say that I am a firm believer that one truly possesses the power to control himself and the world around him.

With that in mind I thought I might share with you, and hopefully inspire you to move and take action toward attaining greater health and happiness with something that I have recently been studying.

A friend of mine told me about a book entitled, The Circadian Code, by Satchin Panda, Ph.D. Were you able to find a copy?

The concept of a circadian code or rhythm revolves around the fact that every organ in our body, including the brain, is directed to function, rest and repair at certain specific times each day as controlled by our genes.

Should the heart, for example, be scheduled as it were, for repair and restoration at a certain time, and you decide to run a marathon at that time, the heart will not receive its regularly scheduled service and will start to dysfunction, and eventually fail.

If you’ll recall, I mentioned another book earlier, Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker, Ph.D. This is an amazing book and discusses in great detail the importance of proper sleep, not eating or drinking anything, saving water before bed, and avoiding blue light waves before retiring as well. Sleep is very important for the repair, restoration, and function of our brains, organs, and bodies.

If you haven’t gotten this book and read it, you should.

Before reading Dr. Panda’s book, I would have told you that sleep is THE magic elixir we all so desperately seek to help us live longer and healthier… and it still is. Sleep is when the body repairs and rejuvenates itself. Can’t live without it!

Dr. Panda’s book highlights the body’s clocks and when each organ and organ system functions best, and is supposed to according to evolution and Mother Nature, repair and rejuvenate itself in coordination with all the many other organs and organ systems in the body. This is absolutely vital, and surprise, surprise it is synchronized with those times we are supposed to be awake and when we are supposed to be asleep.

I could write many blogs trying to describe Dr. Panda’s and others’ research on circadian codes, but why? He’s a Ph.D. who has dedicated over 20 years to researching and has written a book that is easy to read and understand. Why listen to me, when you can get it from the horse’s mouth?

I would encourage everyone to buy this book, and we are hoping to sell the book in our office soon.

I will tell you and from the perspective of one who has been a health care provider for over 36 years why I love the idea of circadian codes and Dr. Panda’s book, The Circadian Code.

In a phrase… it makes total sense!

Look, we should all know how important rest and recovery are too good health. All-day long we are breaking down our bodies, whether we are sitting there or being active. The body must rebuild itself to handle the new workload, and do so by making itself stronger and healthier.

The problem is that one gets the idea that the body is simply a body, but it is an organization of organs that work, or at least should work in harmony. But these organs are constructed of individual cells all of which have a genetic code for your body. These cells, much like our bodies, are living, breathing entities much like a group of people would be. If your body needs food, sleep, energy, and repair… so do the cells, the tissues, and the organs themselves.

Have you ever felt out of sync? You do dumb things, you can’t think, your body is uncoordinated, and you generally feel bad. What happens if an organ, say your heart or stomach gets out of sync?

That’s right, they do dumb things, they no longer work with the rest of the organs, they can’t think, and generally feel bad.

Sounds like a sick person, doesn’t it?

Well, hopefully, this has piqued your curiosity and you not only go out and get Dr. Panda’s book, but you also read it.

If you are not a reader, a person can always go on YouTube and find Dr. Panda discussing the merits of adhering to a circadian lifestyle.

If you have any questions regarding the circadian code and how you can apply it to your life please let me know. I will be happy to help.

I will certainly talk more about this subject as it is amazing, and could be the greatest health care concept that you will ever hear or learn about.

Until next time,

Dr. Dave

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