Alright, as promised we’ll start with eating and how it is an extremely important component of getting in sync with your circadian rhythm.

The general concept is that one eats only during a prescribed period of time as the digestive organs and body are ready to digest, assimilate and eliminate, and then there is a longer prescribed period of time where a person eats nothing until they break their fast the next day.

Most get the idea that their stomach is open for business at any old time of day… not according to evolution and our genes!

These digestive organs need time to repair, heal, rejuvenate and get ready for the next day. And by digestive organs, I’m not just talking about the stomach and intestines, but the liver, gall bladder, and pancreas as well.


Good, I wanted to make sure you got that… Time-Restricted Eating or TRE.

What this means is that a person eats only in a prescribed period of time each day. The TRE begins with the first bite when you break your fast from the night before and ends with the last bite for the evening. This would be the time that your digestive organs work the best, and it would NOT be the time when these organs are scheduled to repair, heal and rejuvenate themselves.

As a rule, TREs of between 8 and 12 hours is best. Anything over 15 hours will make you unhealthy and rather sick.

So what this means is that during the day there is a period of between 8 and 12 hours that you can eat.

It is best to develop a specific time each day and stick to it.

For example, say a person wakes up at 7 am and takes his first bite at 8 am. If he takes his last bite at 8 pm, this is a 12-hour TRE and a pretty good starting point if you would like to try this.

What this means is that each day at 8 am the person breaks his fast and by 8 pm he has taken his last bite of food for the day. One can drink water, but nothing else.

This allows the digestive organs time to repair, heal and rejuvenate and get ready for the next day.

Ideally, a person would like to shorten the TRE over time say to 8 to 10 hours. The shorter the TRE the better… within reason. Two or four hours would be rough, and probably not necessary.

If one wants to lose weight, a TRE of 8 or 9 hours works best. One can always go back to 11 or 12 when they’ve lost the desired weight.

The TRE starts the moment the person breaks his fast in the morning or whenever this occurs. Keep in mind coffee does break the fast and starts the clock rolling, whether you drink it black or not.

Currently, and for the past couple of weeks, I have maintained a 10 and ½ to 11-hour TRE and am planning on having my protein drink at 10 am and stop eating by 6:30 pm for an 8 and ½ hour TRE period.

Time-Restricted Eating will do amazing things for you and if you want to see all of the amazing health benefits check out Dr. Panda’s book or YouTube videos.

If you have to take medications to address diabetes, high blood pressure elevated blood fats, heartburn, indigestion, or acid reflux, the TRE might just be your God send.

I will tell you one thing about a mouse study, and probably shouldn’t, but it appears that what you eat is not as important as when you eat, BUT, a person really should eat as healthily as they can.

Mice are nocturnal creatures- eating and active at night, and sleeping during the day.

In the experiments, one set of mice was allowed to eat whatever they wanted whenever they wanted for several weeks. This would have been a TRE greater than 15 hours each day. The foods were high caloric, high sugar, fatty goodies- I think you know the type I’m talking about.

Within 3 weeks the mice were all obese and diabetic.

The second set of mice who were genetically similar to the first set (same set of parents) was fed the exact same amount of food as the first set, only the second set ate in an 8 to 10-hour window of time (TRE).

Within the same 3 week period, these mice did not gain weight, were not diabetic and their blood fats were normal.

Amazing, right?

What’s really amazing is that when the first set of unhealthy mice was allowed to eat ALL the same foods, only now in an 8 to 10-hour TRE, they all lost their weight, were no longer diabetic and their blood fats returned to normal. They got well!!!

From this, it was believed that it wasn’t so much what the mice ate, but rather when they ate that determined whether or not they were healthy. Time-Restricted Eating has been shown to produce the same results in humans.

Again, we are not condoning eating crappy food, and if I hear anyone talk about going on the “Mouse Diet”… there will be blood!

Okay, well that’s probably enough for now.

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Dr. Dave

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