Alright, and Welcome Back!

Well, I hope the last couple of blogs made some sense to you.

One really can know, and create their way regardless of what others think or say. Let your wisdom be the light that illuminates your path!

In my opinion, the pursuit of wisdom is the whole purpose we are here- and when you know, you are truly free!

There is so much incredible data out there and available to anyone who will study. It is my wish that I am pointing you in the direction of understanding, hope, and a brighter and healthier tomorrow. But that is up to you.

So let’s stop listening to the media, the CDC, the World Health Organization, the FDA, the drug companies, social media, and sadly most of our primary care providers and learn for ourselves, okay?

As mentioned in previous blogs, you are the only healthcare provider you have…, only you can provide health care to yourself by getting the correct amount of sleep, eating within a time-restricted window, eating nutritious food, and getting plenty of sun and outdoor exercise!

If one were to study true scientific research; data that is not meant to mislead you or make you think you will be dead in the next couple of hours if you don’t do what the “scientist” tells you to do, or purchase his magic pills, if one were to study research that keeps exploring and trying to find even simpler truths to improve man’s life experience, and the joy of being alive, he will see that it is easy to understand, and there is so much that one can do to help himself and others, and in doing so, make a pretty cool life of it!

Know this- from whatever beginning, our bodies have evolved along a natural path, and truly have not evolved any further than that of a hunter/gatherer-REGARDLESS OF HOW ELECTRONICALLY CONNECTED ONE BELIEVES HIMSELF TO BE!

A hunter/gatherer was up with the sun, was active, ate when he had food, was able to store fat and water when he could not find food, and was exposed to the red and yellow lights of campfires before going to bed shortly after dark.  This is our bodies, plain and simple.

Genetically, our bodies evolved along this pathway, and adaptations that helped our early ancestors survive are now leading to poor health, sickness, and even premature death today.

According to David Perlmutter, M.D.,

“We have a genome (our genes) that is coding for our survival in the context of a different environment.” (Than that of our Paleo ancestors)

Our genes are saying store fat, store water, store glucose…, in a world where it is no big deal to eat 4 or 5,000 calories a day of processed garbage and sugar.

The result? Just look around. Our modern life is causing the expression of genes in our bodies that are leading to our metabolic decline, and increasing numbers of people suffering from Metabolic Syndrome.

One can see that there are no pills or magic elixirs to save us from this dilemma, only aligning one’s lifestyle with the genetics of our hunter/gatherer bodies. This would include understanding circadian rhythms, getting proper sleep, eating within a time-restricted window, and getting plenty of sunshine and outdoor exercise/activity. In addition to this, one should have a good understanding of the vital importance of bacteria, and those intestinal microbes to which we owe our very existence.

Okay, well next blog we’ll discuss the Gut Microbiome! Stay tuned! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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